Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

A selfish wish for this week...

...what I wouldn't give for a day at the salon. A new haircut, a manicure, maybe a facial too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Can you be stood up if it was never a date?

I should explain this a little more before you answer that question. 

Once upon a time there was this boy (there's always a boy in these type of stories) and this boy... well, more a man really... anyway... this man told me that he liked my legs. I was very flattered that someone had noticed all of my hard work in the gym lately. Seriously... aerobics is so much tougher than just slapping on some lycra and shaking your ass to some cheesy 80's music. It is a 60 minute sweat-fest that leaves you with aching thighs and calves, and a whole lot of respect for Jane Fonda. 

So back to the main story here... the man and I began flirting with each other. Just think of it as a grown up, technologically advanced version of the good parts of Dawson's Creek... all witty one liners, big words, and teasing one-up-manship (I know it's not a word) through texts and emails, and lots of spotting each other at events and watching from the other side of the room... all sultry gazes and the like... serious mental foreplay stuff. (For some totally unrelated but entertaining Creek bashing just click here)

The crux of the story though... he's shy... and I'm shy... what a dire combination. So I took the grown up's choice and hid behind technology for a while, hoping that this man friend would grow a pair and ask me out. No such luck though... but plenty more texts, mails and looks. Plenty! Loads of them! Enough to torture a young woman. Enough for her to take matters into her own, slightly shaking hands, and ask this man out... gulp... and he said 'Sure'... cue a little dance about my bedroom and a congratulatory pat on the back for being a modern woman and asking a man out.

So I suggested a time and a place... forgetting that he works on that particular evening... and he let me know that he can't make that night, so I suggest a Sunday evening. No one really works on a Sunday evening. They might call to visit their grandparents, wash the dog, go to mass. Regular Sunday stuff that leaves you with a long evening stretched in front of you and nothing to occupy it, except some bad television. I reckoned I was safe with this suggestion. I reckoned I was a better option than bad television. And his response? 'Probably, I'll let you know'... hmmm. It didn't sound good. Not at all. 

It wasn't. That Sunday evening has come, and gone. I didn't actually get stood up because I never went to meet him. Because he never 'let me know'. In fact I haven't heard from him since that message. Sigh. 

So why the 'Sure'?

Is this classified as being stood up? I'm a little unsure here. I really don't want to be known as 'that woman who asked a guy out and got stood up'. It's hard enough being a grown up these days without the stigma of being 'that' woman. Oh... and I'm really sick of all the magazine articles that tell me that it's so hot for a woman to ask a guy out. That all men secretly want to be approached by a woman. That it's a turn on. That it's strong, and powerful and empowering... bull... it only is if he says yes.

Let this be a warning to all of you single women out there... do not be the bigger person... tease and torture any man that proclaims to like you... until they cannot help themselves and have to ask you out first... use all of your womanly charms and terrorise him... save yourself the confusion... damn the man

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

One of the girls mentioned a fruit platter she bought yesterday and I cannot get the craving for fresh fruit out of my head since.

Crisp apples - Juicy oranges - Sweet pears - Tart grapefruit - Succulent peaches - Fresh melon - Beautiful berries

 ...I wish for you all to be in my belly today...

Monday, April 16, 2012

B Is For...

...Beautiful Backs.

Treat yourself to something beautiful to show yours off - either a cute and tiny keyhole, a slashed back, or be brave and go for the plunge.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty Girl Friday

Helena Christensen. 

Mother of Norman Reedus' child, wonderful photographer, creative director of Nylon, Danish/Peruvian beauty and all round amazing woman.

Pretty Boy Friday

Norman Reedus.. one of those guys who just oozes grittiness and raw talent

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

I wish for...

an intimate moment

a gentle touch

the feel of his hands on my skin

a comforting presence

butterflies in my tummy

memories that make me blush

a secret smile

a reason to wear good lingerie

remembered dreams

wicked thoughts

hot nights

stolen kisses

reasons to daydream

reasons to wake

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yesterday was my first time trying out carrot juice. It was... interesting. 

I was on a little shopping trip with a friend to celebrate the Bank Holiday, and we both found ourselves completely parched at the end of the day. So we decided to grab a juice instead of a coffee... being all healthy and such. Raymy plumped for her usual strawberry and orange mix but I was feeling a little more adventurous and opted for an apple, pear and carrot blend. 

First thing to note... juice should be ice cold... never room temperature. Shame on you Fruit Boost! The fact that I had to ask for ice for my juice is pretty poor. Except for that initial downer the juice was pretty good. Wholesome, and the pear kept it sweet and mild. I can't honestly say that carrot will be my number one choice of juice but I could see myself ordering it again (pineapple is, and will always be, my number one). 

How about you? Whats your favourite juice? Have you any recommendations for me to try?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I Love Today

Birthday-licious - It's birthday central here in Limerick right now. Loving it... what a great reason to get all dressed up, head out, have cake and cocktails, dance the night away and recover over brunch the next morning. The birthdays have been a little on the young side though with a plethora of 21st's, what a way to make a girl feel old! Nothing that a sassy dress, some gorgeous heels, a hand full of jelly sweets and a little glitter can't cure though. As the girls here say... you're only as old as the boy you kiss!

Appropriately Warm - The past few weeks have been unseasonably changeable here in Ireland with temperatures stretching from freezing to the 20's, highly unusual for March. To bridge the sudden gap in my wardrobe I fell to pairing my usual skirt and tights combo with lovely big, open knit jumpers. Warm enough in the chilly morning air, light enough to brave the cloudless skies at lunchtime and perfect for heading home in the dwindling light in the evenings.

Power Perfume - I decided today to treat myself to a new scent. Perfume is such an intimate thing for me to buy. I'm incredibly aware that I only want someone to be able to smell it when they are closer to me than any regular person should be, and I want my perfume to smell womanly but not girly. No bursts of sweetness or floral tones for me. I finally decided on a bottle of Fan di Fendi - warm, subtle, to me it smells of closeness. I'll keep you updated as to how it wears when on.

Honourable Mentions - Gala's list of 33 Movies To Watch When You're Sad, Glum or Bummed Out, edible glitter, Instagram and Pixlr-o-matic apps for android, pear flavoured still water, ice lollies, mens watches with HUGE faces like this, this, this and this, - totally in love with this site, I could listen to it all day, fresh strawberries, glitter toe nails, open toe shoes in bright, bright colours, spring sunshine, takeaway coffees while sitting on the lawn, bright blue skinny jeans, shared brownies

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pretty Girl Friday

One woman who has gotten better looking as the years have passed is Halle Berry...

... W.A.F. (What A Fox)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

Today's wish is a pretty simple one...

... I wish for a clean bed, in a clean room so that I can have a clean and restful sleep tonight

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion Fix

Today sees me drawn to the beautiful elegant lines of fashion illustrations for my creative fix. The use of minimal lines, fluid movement and sweeps of colour make for very restful viewing.