Friday, November 23, 2012

A Little Wisdom

There are very few things out there that scare people as much as having to go to the dentist. Maybe big leggy spiders, or getting eaten by a shark, or Nicki Minaj's wardrobe but for me going to the dentist is right up there with having to get an injection. 

Seriously... I would be the world's worst insulin dependent diabetic. 

So having to get a healthy tooth out, so that my adult braces can do their thing, was a nasty way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Dentist and injection all rolled into one... yuck.   

Are you one of these people who never mind going to the dentist and happily ring up to make your bi-annual appointments, or are you the type of person who only ever see's the dentist when you're in pain? 

For years I would only see the dentist when I absolutely had to but since I had some wisdom tooth issues I have been religious with my dentist appointments. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR TEETH. I'm serious... for the sake of sucking it up and being a little uncomfortable for a day or two you get to have a great smile for years and years. 

Do it... make an appointment... 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Midweek Indulgence

Wednesdays call for a little indulgence to make the week go faster. So today I ask you to do something nice... give yourself a treat... make yourself smile.

I started my morning with a warm scone and some raspberry jam for breakfast. My evening will definitely have a home pedicure in it and my night will most certainly see me curled up in a nest of blankets, possibly with a nutella hot chocolate cradled in my hands, watching this.  

What is your midweek treat?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekend Question

I'm flying out to Amsterdam  
tomorrow for a quick break and a catch up with some friends who will be in the city for the weekend.

What do you recommend that I do while I'm over there? 

So far I've been told that I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to see the Sex Museum or to just walk around the Red Light District and see what all the fuss is about. That I should walk around the '9 streets' to soak up the pretty atmosphere and that I shouldn't miss the Dappermarkt.

Personally I'm just looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful Dutch people, marveling at strange looking items in the grocery stores and enjoying some great coffee with great friends. Oh and I'll be watching them all compete at the 2012 Face2Face archery tournament too. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things I Love Today

Winter Spice - My biggest sensory response has always been to smell. As a child growing up in a bakery the smell of Christmas started in our house sometime around September. Coming home from school on a miserable wet autumn day to be greeted by an intoxicating fug of sugary, spicy goodness is one of my fondest memories. At the moment I am trying to recapture it with a collection on cinnamon, vanilla and citrus candles dotted about my room.  

Keeping Cozy - This year I'm wearing my scarves very thick, very soft and knitted. High around my neck with no trailing ends. Cozy and warm, and as a huge accessory to my outfit. Those of you who know me personally will already know that my love of over sized scarves is even greater than my love of over sized sunglasses and I am slowly, but steadily accumulating a huge collection of winter favourites. 

Honourable Mentions - the happy feeling of writing on the first page of a new notebook, very hot, very sugary coffee on a cold night, waking up with perfect bed head, glogg scented shower gel, tiny hard drives full of tv shows, hot port and good company, lemon curd yogurt, Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait - the PERFECT nude for my lips, early season mince pies, competing again for the first time in two years... and winning my category, surprise visits on a Sunday afternoon, wearing high heels everyday to work  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Do you find it difficult to get up on cold and wintery mornings like these? Is the dark, warm cocoon of your bed impossible to leave. Do you struggle to open your eyes and greet the day with any form of joy?

Try something for me... if your room allows it... move your bed. 

Just catch it and drag it over near the window. Crack your window a little when you go to bed each night. A slightly cool bedroom results in better sleep as your body's internal temperature needs to drop in order to fall asleep. You also have a constant supply of fresh air circulating in your bedroom. The slight increase in the brightness in your room also helps you to wake up more effectively as your body's biological clock is programmed to rise with the sun. This results in your body knowing when it's time to wake up and being ready for it. 

When I moved into my new place I really wanted to keep my room feeling a spacious as possible so I pushed the bed into the bay window in my room. It took a little tweaking of the blinds to make sure that the rising sun didn't hit me in the face each morning, and that the streetlight outside my window didn't keep me awake into the wee hours of the morning. The result has been wonderful though. I'm usually only lightly dozing by the time my alarm kicks off in the morning and it's no longer a chore to drag myself from the bed.

Try it.