Friday, February 27, 2009

Caitlin Blaze Morgenrath

The images above have a wonderful sense of romance to them.

Don't you just long for warm spring days so that you could go for a picnic.

And even though both of these bedrooms vary wildly I love what they have done on their walls. The prints over the bed in the top one and the baskets used for storage in the second.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beautiful Light

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I want this room.

I want to curl up on this armchair and get lost in a great book.

And I want a steaming cup of tea perched on the arm of the chair.

Things I Love Thursday

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Lady Gaga - I really didn't think that I would like her album 'The Fame' but I was shocked and suprised to find that I can't get it out of my head.

Friends coming back - A good friend of mine is moving back to Limerick City. Fun, fun, fun. I love when people are within close proximity to each other. It makes meeting up for tea and biscuits so much easier.

- need I say any more!

Dunnes Stores - 24 hour shops, being bored at 11pm and deciding that it would be fun to go buy some new knickers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog of the Week

This weeks Blog of the Week goes to Half Accidental.

One of Gemma's Wednesday Wishes was for her site traffic to increase so I hope this helps a little. Half Accidental is a great, interesting blog that covers everything from daily outfits to short stories, artwork to weekly musings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today's image is courtesy of Creature Comforts.

Lately my heart feels sad and heavy... Readers, what do you do to lift your spirits?

Dance wildly in your bedroom... buy an ice-cream... play with a puppy... lose yourself in a great book... buy pretty stationary in the hope of writing letters to people... visit a friend who has young, carefree children... a bottle of wine, a fireplace and a great chat... ... ... ..?

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Irish Record

Image courtesy of me

Last weekend was the UCD InterVarsity. It was a great, but very long, shoot, and even thought UL put in their best team score of the entire year we didn't manage to place in the top three. Pretty disappointed but sure... we did our best... we actually did!

UL Archery would like to congratulate Harry Lyster, above. Harry set a new Irish Record for Indoor Compound, scoring 581 on Saturday.

If anyone wants to take a look at the league scores you can check them out HERE.

And if anyone wants to check out any of the rest of the Irish Records you can find them HERE.

Mick Flannery in full

The gig at the weekend was amazing. Mick played to a full house in Dolan's Warehouse in Limerick and the atmosphere was fantastic. The talented Corkonian was not only comfortable behind the piano but happily took centre stage for a while with his guitar. The man has a voice that conjours up images of Tom Waits, and his vocals just drip with texture. He is a true storyteller and each of his songs have meaninful lyrics.

I would love to thank Alan Barry for his fantastic photos of the night, and to Dawn, Kev and Ciara - it was a great nights entertainment.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mick Flannery

Here's a few photos from the gig on Friday to keep you all going until I get the time to put together a proper post.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Fab Friday

Even though it's a Friday, and it's not raining outside and I have the weekend off I'm just not getting that 'Friday Feeling' at all.

Tell me.... what do you do to bring on the 'Friday Feeling'?

Oh the picture above sums up my Mr T to perfection. I hope he's on his way down to Limerick by now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perfect Kitchen Pattern

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I just popped over to my newest followers blog, 'hi Marlene', and you would not believe what I found.

I really, really want this pattern on some cushions for the sofa in our kitchen, and on a pinafore apron, and on a tea cozy and maybe some napkins..... and .... and ....

You can tell I'm in turquoise heaven right now!


Kate Spade

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I think I have found something to cure my hunt for turquoise things.

I am in love with this Kate Spade china and am devastated to find out that it is out of stock in her
online store. Nooo-o-o-o

Things I Love Thursday

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Anticipation - My gift to T for valentines this year was tickets to see Mick Flannery in Dolans tomorrow night and I am so glad to see that he is really excited about going. Mick is a 25 year old Corkonian with a gravely voice and fantastic songwriting skills. I'll post more about the gig over the weekend.

New clothes - I was a little naughty yesterday, took the afternoon off and went into the city centre to see if there were any sales still on. I found a new pair of jeans and a gorgeous, really long jersey cardi in New Look for only €40. I heart new clothes!

Water - I know this might sound weird, but this week I love water. Isn't it amazing how water can cure so many day to day illnesses! Headaches, bladder and kidney infections, upset tummies no more.

Does anything make you happy today?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog of the Week

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This weeks Blog of the Week goes to BONZIE.

This is a girl who is very close to my heart. I knew her years ago, but when she moved to Waterford to start her own fashion line we fell out of touch.

I stumbled across her Etsy store this week and was delighted to see that her line of amazing vintage, steam-punk, Victorian inspired creations are making waves in the Irish fashion scene.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Mimosa may be the Pantone colour of 2009 but Turquoise is my colour of choice for spring. I love how it manages to lift any interior and make everything fresh and new again. I am on a hunt at the moment for something turquoise for my bedroom, or maybe for the kitchen. Some pretty cups, a new vase or some beautiful cushions.


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I'm not going to say much....

Just that I have an incredible boyfriend.

x x

Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoy your weekend...

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I know I will....

Please go and enjoy the overblown and overpriced weekend and take it all with a pinch of proverbial salt.

Be happy, be loved, be good!

Great t-shirt prints

images courtesy of

I stumbled across these t-shirt designs this morning. Aren't they fantastic?

I really love the kitten and puppy one.... Wouldn't it be just the sweetest springtime print to put onto the back of a button-down fitted shirt?

I wish I knew who to credit these to but the website was in Russian and I wasn't able to translate it but you can find the page HERE.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog of the Week

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This weeks Blog of the Week goes to Trust Tommy.

Tommy is a 14 year old guy from Limerick and his posts just brighten up my day. I also want to recognise and applaud his dedication to his blogging and I want to wish him luck in this weekends Irish Blog Awards.

Things I love Thursday

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My man's fashion sense - I know that he probably won't like me loving his lack of fashion sense but I think it's a really cute feature of his. He never really bothered to make sure his socks match his shoes or whether he needs a hair cut and his life is that little bit easier because of it. Imagine how much time you would save in the morning if you could just throw on anything you wanted and go.

Travel Mugs -I now know that I cannot live without mine. Morning joe is a necessity in my life.

People Who Come Home From Around The World Trips - T's friends, J & S, are finally back in Ireland. They've spent the last 8 months or so traipsing around the globe. I can't wait to meet up with them and get filled in on all their goings on over a huge pot of steaming tea. You can read about their adventures here.

Does anything float your boat today?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I curled up last night and watched the new Woody Allen movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

I really, really enjoyed the movie. I'm not always a huge fan of Mr Allen's style of movie but I thought that this story was just beautifully told. I loved the pace of the film and the use of light and tone throughout the whole story.

But one thing that I really loved was the clothes that
Scarlett Johansson's character wore in the film. They were just so relaxed and comfortable looking, slightly provocative but still wholesome. The stylists for this film really did a great job.

I just can't resist this

image courtesy of

Isn't this the most amazing tiny castle that you have ever seen? It's called Swallow's Nest and it's located in Crimea overlooking the Black Sea. It really is tiny at just 20m by 10m, but the original design envisioned a foyer, guest room, stairway to the tower, and two bedrooms on two different levels within the tower. It was built around 1911 or 1912 by Baron von Steinheil.

Wouldn't this be the most romantic, perfect Valentines getaway? Just you and your lover, locked away in a castle on the cliff. Just a well stocked picnic basket and tons of candles to keep you company. Can you just imagine the fantastic sunrises and sunsets from the wraparound observation deck.

I heart castles.

They are just so romantic.


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I'm back. There was a little trouble with the servers in the college and I was internet less for the last few days but all is restored and repaired now. Woo hoo.

Oh, I got my gift from Pop ( and Fredrick, now do you feel better?) over the weekend. It was Banana Nectar.... a bottle of banana nectar! What am I supposed to do with banana nectar? I've heard that it's an 'acquired' taste at best, and horrible at worst. Bloody banana nectar! But, oh God, did I laugh when I saw it.

The rest of the weekend was great. I competed in the Irish Student Championships on Saturday in Carlow and finished in 13th place in the advanced category. I was pretty chuffed with myself, but I was so proud of the rest of the team - they brought home 4 medals from the event.
  • Michael took 1st place in beginner barebow
  • Craig took 3rd place in beginner barebow
  • Anna took 3rd place in beginner recurve
  • Rory took 2nd place in advanced recurve
I then spent the rest of the weekend lazing around T's 'home' home in Carlow, listening to his sister play the piano and chatting to his dad about the state of the economy. It was entertaining.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hanna Nyman

image courtesy of
A friend of mine, Kate, emailed me last night about this fantastic 3D wallpaper. It was created by Hanna Nyman as part of her graduation at Konstfack, Stockholm.

The wallpaper is tearable and you get to decide how much you want to tear and where you want the effects to be. You can completely tear off the flowers of you can let them hang down to give a really pretty effect. Wouldn't you just love a feature wall of this paper in your home? I know I would, especially the white one.

I work with products and patterns that change. Tension arises when something that was ‘merely' beautiful is suddenly transformed into something new or acquires an unexpected function. The product gains a new dimension and becomes smart as well as beautiful.

- Hanna Nyman

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something nice...

image courtesy of T

I just got a 'something nice' mail from T and this is what was in it. What a great boyfriend!

I miss him so much lately. You would think that we'd be used to spending time apart at this stage but I still get pangs of loneliness because he's not here.

A Little Something...

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A friend of mine, we'll call her Pop, was chatting to me in gmail this morning and told me that she has a little gift for me and that she would give it to me at the Student Championships in Carlow this weekend.
She also gave me some clues about the gift
  • she got it on a plane far away
  • it's yellow
  • and it's see through
  • and she thinks there is white in it too
  • oh it's also funny
I'm officially STUMPED! Can anyone else try to guess this for me? Please?

Find your Style

I was over at How About Orange this morning and Jessica had posted up a link to this style quiz from Ikea.

You just answer about 9 different style related questions and they can tell you what kind of design style suits you. I got 'Country Natural' with 40% Scandinavian and 60% Country. I was a little surprised to find that I had no modern tendencies in me at all.

Still... I really like my colour scheme of red, dark, blue grey and light grey. It's like a twist on the classic nautical scheme.

Blog of the week

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I think that my blog reading addiction needs to become useful to more than just me so I hope to post a 'Blog of the Week' with the brightest and best of what I find.

This weeks blog is Le Love in honour of all things romantic and lovey-dovey. Its a really great blog just overflowing with fantastic images of love and sweetness.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I love Thursday...

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Valentines - I know that Valentines day is still ages away, and that it's really only a commercial holiday, and that it was invented by the card companies but I still love it. In fact... I heart Valentines. Trying to find a really meaningful gift that I know T will really appreciate gives me such a thrill. He knows what he's getting this year.... I had to make sure that he was free on a certain evening and he knew that he had to be in limerick for it so he figured out who was playing in Dolans Warehouse that night. And he was right!

Long hair -I used to have really really short hair for years and years, and I mean really, almost shaved off, short. When I moved to Limerick I decided to grow it. That was about 4 and a half years ago but it still astounds me, on an almost daily basis, just how long it has gotten. Before you start thinking that I have hair that I can sit on I don't, but to have any form of long hair is such a major achievement for me.

Mocha's - At the moment I'm on a 'healthy eating regime' (diet is just a scary word) so there are no more desserts or things with butter or things with sugar or things of nom. But I miss mocha's the most. I always loved mocha's... hence needing to 'eat healthily' now. I find them to be really comforting... with just a little kickstart. Almost better than dessert! I miss my wonderful chocolaty coffee. Does anyone know of a low calorie version?

Friends - One of the guys in the office... let's just call him J... has just offered to take my books back to the library for me. What a sweetie! Now I don't have to go out in the cold and trudge all the way down to the campus book depository. Yea!

Does anything tickle your fancy today?