Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Word Love

There are some words that just tickle my fancy. And right now this one keeps popping into my head...

...voracious... gluttony but without the sin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I Love Today

Fresh Sheets - There are few things to rival the feel of crisp, clean, cotton sheets on your bed but I can guarantee that for anyone living outside of the tropics the feel of cozy, new, flannel sheets will top it. Winter has finally kicked in here in Ireland and there are even rumors of snow afoot so last night I broke out a brand new set of cream flannel sheets for my bed. I am already known for being a bit of a princess about my sleep place... already a combination of feather duvets, numerous pillows, random throws and several cushions... but add in a set of cozy sheets and I become a creature of hibernation.     

Salad Fruit - Still feeling bad about the excess of the holiday season has me reaching for something green and fresh most evenings but it gets boring after a while. This week I've been livening up my rabbit food with either some warm steamed chicken or a poached egg, and hiding underneath are a few slices of crunchy apple or sweet pear to keep it interesting. Try it. It tastes so good... fresh... sweet... bright. 

Slow and Steady - Tortoiseshell is a classic. Like the white shirt, black pencil skirt and Breton stripes it will endure season after season remaining chic and understated. Right now I'm absolutely craving a stack of tortoiseshell bangles on my wrist and have just got my hands on a pair of beautiful tortoiseshell heeled pumps.  

Honourable Mentions - dark chocolate Lindt truffles, pairing mustard and grey together, sparkling manicures, being constantly surprised and delighted by friends and family, tarte au citron, dark tights, short skirts and high boots, jelly beans, smooth legs, almond shower cream, 'no alarm clock' Saturday mornings, devouring an entire series of books day by day, clean carpets and washed floors, strawberry yogurt rice cakes, puppy love 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Style Goals

Sal was talking about Style Goals this morning and it got me thinking... I don't really do New Years resolutions so how about I take on three Style Goals instead. 

1- Wear my jewelry 
2- Mix up lengths
3- 'Do' my hair

I have a wonderful collection of jewelry that has been gifted to me since my teenage years. My family and friends have superb taste and know exactly what I like, but I rarely wear any of it. I always seem to be saving it for special occasions and am a little afraid of breaking or losing anything. This year I want to be able to look down at my hands on the keyboard and smile at the memory that floods my mind when I see a certain ring, or hear a jangle of bracelets at my wrist. I want to feel the weight of a pendant at my sternum and remember the person who knew that I would love it. I will wear my memories.

I am a creature of habit. Just ask anyone who spends a little time with me. I like routine and familiarity, patterns and predictability. My pants are all rolled up to ankle length, my sleeves are pushed up to my elbows. I wear v necks and vest tops. I like my shoes to have peep toes. My skirts are mid thigh or just below the knee and almost always fitted. Routine can be great, but it is also safe, and sometimes boring. This year I need to be willing to shake things up, roll a pair of pants to just below the knee, try out a midi skirt, wear a turtle neck. 

My hair... where to start. A long time bane of my childhood, full of kinks and curls, snarls and knots. A hatred of hair ties combined with a daily attack with a hairbrush resulted in a ball of permanent fuzz and an unhappy child. Cue my teenage years and a drastic hair cut which left me pixie perfect, and in and out of the shower in minutes. No more brushing, no more pain, just a scrunch of wax and out the door. The only problem with having easy hair as a teenage though is that when you grow it back as an adult you have no idea what to do with it. I never spent endless sleepovers plaiting my hair and playing with straighteners so I have evolved to a simple wardrobe of styles... hair down as mother nature intends for weekends, hair in a bun for work, hair in a ponytail for the gym. There is very little deviation from this. And it feels boring. So incredibly boring. I long for crown braids, side buns, and deep partings. I struggle with Pocahontas plaits so this one might be my biggest challenge. Wish me luck.

How about you? Have you set any style goals this year? 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Your Reaction?

When someone does something highly irritating to you how do you respond? Not the sort of change your life moments of wrongness, just the sort of getting ripped off for a haircut… shop assistant being rude and offensive… someone spilling paint on your handbag sort of moments.

Are you an instant rager? Or a quiet simmerer? Or a devious plotter?

I've always been quick to get angry but it's a funny kind of anger. Funny as in odd, not as in 'ha ha' of course. My eyebrows will instantly begin to creep together and my lips will purse - kinda like Miranda Priestly sucking a lemon. I start muttering to myself about how crap and how wrong the situation is. If it's really bad I'll pick up the phone and ring my mum....

...and vent. 

Oh holy god will I vent... 

I quietly rant and rave down the phone recapping the incident in its entirety, muttering plenty of 'I can't believe it's and 'Do they realise what they've done's. Now all questions asked while ranting are completely rhetorical and never need a response... EVER... if you try to answer them I will probably accuse you of being on their side and will stop speaking to you for an hour.

...and not in a good way.

After years of trying to be helpful my mum is now wise to this fact.  

If confrontation is necessary I will continue to fume away until I run out of steam… then and only then will I face the creator of my GRRRRrrrr r r r...

And I am usually incredibly polite to them… to the point of being almost British and apologising for having to tell them that they have done something crap. I have now reached a point in my life where I realise that this is a very inefficient way of telling people that they have provided a crap product or service or that they have been offensive in their behaviour.

Have you got a better way of dealing with these sorts of moments? Cause I really need some help here…