Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Your Reaction?

When someone does something highly irritating to you how do you respond? Not the sort of change your life moments of wrongness, just the sort of getting ripped off for a haircut… shop assistant being rude and offensive… someone spilling paint on your handbag sort of moments.

Are you an instant rager? Or a quiet simmerer? Or a devious plotter?

I've always been quick to get angry but it's a funny kind of anger. Funny as in odd, not as in 'ha ha' of course. My eyebrows will instantly begin to creep together and my lips will purse - kinda like Miranda Priestly sucking a lemon. I start muttering to myself about how crap and how wrong the situation is. If it's really bad I'll pick up the phone and ring my mum....

...and vent. 

Oh holy god will I vent... 

I quietly rant and rave down the phone recapping the incident in its entirety, muttering plenty of 'I can't believe it's and 'Do they realise what they've done's. Now all questions asked while ranting are completely rhetorical and never need a response... EVER... if you try to answer them I will probably accuse you of being on their side and will stop speaking to you for an hour.

...and not in a good way.

After years of trying to be helpful my mum is now wise to this fact.  

If confrontation is necessary I will continue to fume away until I run out of steam… then and only then will I face the creator of my GRRRRrrrr r r r...

And I am usually incredibly polite to them… to the point of being almost British and apologising for having to tell them that they have done something crap. I have now reached a point in my life where I realise that this is a very inefficient way of telling people that they have provided a crap product or service or that they have been offensive in their behaviour.

Have you got a better way of dealing with these sorts of moments? Cause I really need some help here… 

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