Friday, December 31, 2010


As the clocks count down to the end of one year and the beginning of the next I am spending my New Years Eve in the company of some amazing friends, in their wonderful home, drinking far too much wine and trying to figure out if this year has lived up to my expectations.

So please raise you glass and share a toast with me...

To all those goals you have met in the last year, to all those goals you have put off for a little while longer and to all those new goals you're going to aim for in the next twelve months.

  To the wonderful people in your life who got you through the last fifty two weeks - family, friends, even those horrible people in your life who keep reminding you to guard your head and heart a little better in the future. They have all played a part in making you the person you are tonight.

To ambition and the need to strive for something in your life.

To you. My amazing readers. I know many of you personally, but I do love each and every one of you. Especially your comments and conversations.

and of course, because it's me. 

To too many new shoes, beautiful dresses, gorgeous skirts, cozy scarves, soft handbags. MY home will soon be your home. 

Pretty Girl Friday

My final lady for Pretty Girl Friday this year is the wonderful, sublime, gorgeous Freida Pinto.

Pretty Boy Friday

Our final Pretty Boy of 2010 has got to be James Franco - mwah!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Wedged In - Almost every new pair of shoes I bought in December were gorgeous, sky high wedges - lace up ankle boots, cross over strap sandals, the list goes on and on. Wearable, comfortable, beautiful. Sales... look out

Desire - I love mine. It is the most amazing thing I have ever gotten to play with. I am in HTC heaven. Please recommend lots and lots of great apps please, please, please, pretty please!

Barely There - I am so over opaques. I am sick to my back teeth of the doom and gloom of dull legs. I can't wait for bare leg weather but in the meantime I will don my trusty nude 15 deniers for the next forever. If I get cold I will add some knee socks and if I get bored I'll find some nude based patterns.

Honourable Mentions - homemade mince pies, sparkly nail polish, planning my sales shopping list, New Years Eve plans, banana chips, not putting on seven pounds over Christmas, leftover candy canes, getting back to training after the holidays

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Today I wish...
...that the sales were not so tempting

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pretty Boy Friday

Newly single Ryan Reynolds is this weeks PBF. Isn't he lovely...

... and because it would just be wrong to not include a picture of his chest. Here you go.

Pretty Girl Friday

Christina Ricci is one of those women who make you stop and stare but you're not too sure why. She is a style chameleon who changes her looks as often as us mere mortals change our handbags. but no matter what she always looks fierce and fabulous.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Wish Books - I keep a wish book. It's one of those gorgeous little notebooks that you always keep buying even though you never write in them because you're afraid that you'll wreck it.Sometime I forget I have it, and I find it under a pile of novels in the corner of my room. I put it back on my locker and every now and then I write down a wish. Some wishes are crazy, some are remorseful, some are delightful but they are all mine.

Surprises - A little while ago both my parents and brother asked what I would like for my birthday and I, being the control freak that I am, did. Told my brother to put Christmas and birthday together and get me a smart phone and asked my parents for a voucher for a hair cut. And they gave me so much more... so many surprises and so much though. I love you guys so much.   

Sequins - Like little discs of sunshine on your clothes. Love, Love, Love! And when the sun hits you just right you can turn into a disco ball.

Honourable Mentions - Ferrero Rocher, studded bracelets that you can wrap around and around your wrist, making posters (even if it is for college and not for fun), buying a random gift for someone just because you know that it would be perfect for them, eating grapes straight from the fridge,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

I wish...

...that this Christmas Day won't end up with me and my 29 year old brother squabbling like kids.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have You Ever...?

...started loving a part of you that you that you didn't love before?

Lets talk legs. I was never the kind of girl to wear shorts, or skirts, or dresses, or anything that might let you even get a look at my legs. I was that kind of person for many, many years. I loved my jeans, my combats, my chinos. I also loved my cleavage, in fact I loved it so much that it was the only part of me that I would ever highlight... EVER

It's not that I didn't like my legs, I just felt that I wasn't the kind of person who would show off her legs. No wait, that's a lie. I hated my legs. They were pale and I was paranoid that I had huge calves from years of playing sports at school. So I never dressed to emphasize them. I hid them away and cursed hot and sunny days and I compensated by wearing my jeans with pretty flip flops and vest tops.
Until one day something just clicked with me. Why did I hide my legs? What was really wrong with them? Were they that ugly? And when I stopped and thought about it I realised that there was nothing wrong with my legs, just my head. I had spent so many years secretly hating one part of my body so much that I couldn't bare to show it. I had grown to loathe something that was literally a part of me. And I realised that this was one of the most ridiculous obsessions of my life.   

So now you can find me sauntering around campus in any number of thigh skimming dresses and skirts. Maybe next summer I will brave shorts. But the only advice I can give you to get over a body hang up is to actually sit down with yourself (not literally, you'll just feel weird) and find out why you dislike your legs, bum, arms... And embrace that body part for a week or two. Show it off, learn to love it, listen to peoples compliments, they usually mean them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Smells Like Christmas

Christmas trees

Home baking

Burning candles

Peppermint candy canes

What smells remind you of the holidays?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

To Me

Happy Birthday


I'm not too sure how this has actually happened, as I'm not a fashion blog per se, but I am still delighted to find out that I was nominated for Ireland’s Most Influential Fashion Blogger 2010.

You can vote for me by clicking HERE.

I'm number 23 on the list, and what a list to be part of. I am so humbled to even be in the same room as some of these people some times let alone to be considered one of them.
What a great finish to a great birthday.