Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Hmmm... It's been one of those weeks and I don't think I love anything today but I wouldn't be cruel enough to leave you all hanging and TiLT-less.

Over The Knee Socks - The cheapest, chicest way to stay warm and fashionable this December. I think I'll be doing this look with flat biker boots, black OTK socks, short black knit dresses and huge oversized cardis  and scarves.

Hidden Messages - This image is so unbelievably cute. I wish guys were smart enough to do this for real.

Learning Something New - This winter my challenge is to learn to appreciate and drink red wine. I've always been a white and rose kind of girl but nothing seems to scream warm and cozy as much as the idea of curling up in front of the fireplace with a glass of red beside you.

Honourable Mentions - surprise visits, this advice list, these shoes and those shoes too, soft and chewy cookies, huge flakes of snow that stick to everything, the fact that my car has AWD and I don't have to fear the bad weather so much, chocolate covered marzipan, this image


  1. Ker-yoink of that hidden message.

    Does Ms. May want to be added to the cookie list?

    If your serious about the red wine I can ask my dad about nice ones :P

  2. Oh yes please Fredrick! Your dad does know a thing or two alright.

    And yea for cookies!