Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Wish Books - I keep a wish book. It's one of those gorgeous little notebooks that you always keep buying even though you never write in them because you're afraid that you'll wreck it.Sometime I forget I have it, and I find it under a pile of novels in the corner of my room. I put it back on my locker and every now and then I write down a wish. Some wishes are crazy, some are remorseful, some are delightful but they are all mine.

Surprises - A little while ago both my parents and brother asked what I would like for my birthday and I, being the control freak that I am, did. Told my brother to put Christmas and birthday together and get me a smart phone and asked my parents for a voucher for a hair cut. And they gave me so much more... so many surprises and so much though. I love you guys so much.   

Sequins - Like little discs of sunshine on your clothes. Love, Love, Love! And when the sun hits you just right you can turn into a disco ball.

Honourable Mentions - Ferrero Rocher, studded bracelets that you can wrap around and around your wrist, making posters (even if it is for college and not for fun), buying a random gift for someone just because you know that it would be perfect for them, eating grapes straight from the fridge,

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