Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Is Not A Request

Okay world... it's time to get something straight here. Christmas tree lights only come in one flavour. I may decide to amend this law if I ever decide to have children who will appreciate epilepsy inducing, multi-coloured strings of nastiness on a tree bedecked in mismatched ornaments and tinsel
... shudder... 

but for now only lights that are small, white and non-twinkling will be permitted. 

Christmas is a time when I finally get my way... fires are lit, candles are twinkling, hot chocolate is required, shopping is compulsory, present wrapping can be OCD, a thousand throws and blankets appear and are draped over the armchairs and sofa. Men don't even complain about it all... much. I can indulge in my loves.

Christmas is pretty, and sophisticated, and matching. I do not want my holidays to be anything other than Christmas card perfect... and Christmas cards rarely depict a family huddled about a glorious eight footer swathed with strands of lights that look like they were pulled out of a Quality Street box. Each strand flashing to it's own little, unrelated, beat.

Get it right people... the world will look much better for it. 

Monday, December 10, 2012


Sometimes the most perfect hug can be the loneliest feeling in the world...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scaredy Cat

What are you irrationally scared of? 

Being scared of things like war, poisonous animals that live near you or acts of nature are pretty valid things to be scared of. Those sort of things can cause major damage and ruin lives. It is never irrational to be scared of anything that has serious potential to harm you. What is irrational is those little things that you can't help but be scared of even though you know that they can't do anything to hurt you. 

I found out this week that two of the guys in the office are terrified of mice. Actually have to leave the room, shaking a little and getting upset kind of scared. And that was just when they heard that there was a dead mouse in a trap in the store room. Neither of the women in the office are afraid of mice I would like to add. 

What I am scared of though is 'things with wings'. If a butterfly or a moth comes into the room I'm in and starts fluttering about I will leave. Daddy Long Legs, small birds, pretty much anything small and fast moving will have me heading for the door. 

I was sharing a room up the country with some friends the weekend before last and one of them nearly fell off the bed laughing when a butterfly appeared into the room and I started ducking and weaving about the room to keep it away from me. Eventually he caught his breath, and the butterfly, and put it outside so that I could finally get some sleep.

Even when I'm outside I hate things with wings. Pigeons creep me out. I hate birds and I really hate that Hitchcock movie with a passion. I remember being over in London for a weekend break with a man friend and having a romantic breakfast of coffee and pastries in the park when we were besieged by a huge flock of pigeons looking for a bite. Terrified and shaking I left the park vowing to never eat outdoors in London again.

How about you? What irrational thing scares you?