Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Hug From The Inside

As August becomes cooler, and all the Pumpkin Spice Latte posts start clogging up my Facebook feed I start thinking of breakfasts that are more than simply fruit and yogurt. 

I have become an adult lover of porridge. As a kid I just saw it as plain and boring and sometimes lumpy... and why would you ever eat that when you could have a big bowl of sugary cereal instead? But as an adult I adore it's ability to give your body a hug from the inside out. I love how comforting it is, how much it nourishes my body and heats me up. 

My favourite way is always unsweetened porridge made with half milk/half water, some chopped banana, some natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey. My mum has given me a glut of hazelnuts this week so I'm thinking of trying a baked hazelnut porridge. I also love the classic combination of apple and cinnamon too, but I've recently spotted a lemon and poppy seed porridge recipe that I'd love to try out. Or maybe just a spoonful of stewed rhubarb and a sprinkle of brown sugar on top. Mmmm m m m...

How about you? Do you like porridge? How do you dress yours up? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

I know autumn is almost upon us but I can't stop wanting a black and white striped maxi dress. One of the most basic of summer staples, but I want it for when the weather turns cooler and I can layer it up with boots and a cozy sweater. There is something so fresh and clean about black and white stripes. Love them.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I Love Today

Puppy Perfection - I currently rent a room in a house with a live-in landlord. He's pretty cool, the same age as me, and not crazy precious about everything in the house so it's not awkward to share the space with him. And last week he brought home two new additions to the house. We now have two pug puppies in the house, Molly and Bella. They are tiny (10 weeks old this week), and crazy (I was told that pugs sleep 14 hours a day... not these two), and so so excited to be part of a new family (they are both attention seekers in a big way). They are ridiculously entertaining to watch as they play in the back garden, and they absolutely kill each other. They have horribly sharp little teeth though, and I found out last night that they are the perfect size to fit around my big toe, ouch! 

Dear Diary - In the fast paced digital world we line in now there is something so incredibly beautiful about the written word. The idea of taking time to put pen to paper and let your thoughts and ideas flow out onto a page. Whether in a daily diary, or a memory journal, a doodle pad or a wish book... it is so calming to just get the contents of your mind down onto a clean white page. I really love journals with leather covers, all sorts of sensory pleasure all mixed into one... the smell of the rich leather, the smooth touch, watching the words. Try it... a beautiful notebook, a new pen, a few hours in your favourite place, see what happens. 

Eat Smart - Ok, I know that this one is a no-brainer for most of you but for me I need a gentle reminder every now and then to eat, not just better but smarter. My diet isn't bad by any stretch and is already full of natural and greek yogurt, fruit and eggs, but sometimes (ok, pretty often) I just forget about the whole vegetable and meaty protein part. I ended up fighting three back to back infections over the last month and I can pretty much attest my terrible immune system to not getting enough good quality food. Multi-vitamin and iron supplements were recommended for me by sympathetic friends, but ended up sickening my stomach so bad that I was almost confined to the sofa most evenings. When I mentioned this to my doctor while I was having a check up she told me that I should be able to get all that I need from what I eat and to stop taking them. So instead I went to the grocery store and began shopping for good quality produce. Lots of vegetables that taste as good raw as cooked, small portions of organic chicken (there was no nice looking steak on display that day so I went for white meat only this week), plenty of quick to grab and satisfying yogurt and a cheeky block of tasty cheese. 

Honourable Mentions - a steaming bowl of couscous with a softly fried egg and a squeeze of lemon juice, barbecued salmon, green tea shower gel, plain and simple matt silver rings, drinking lots and lots of water, bright mornings and windy afternoons, orange blossom scented hand cream, snail mail, stir fried broccoli, wearing trainers to work mid-week, maxi skirts and sweatshirts, reuniting with old college friends, going on puppy dates  with friends, warm chicken salad, nude nail polish with subtle sparkles

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

Today's wish is a selfish wish, and possibly not attainable... but hey! A girl can dream.

I wish... for back dimples

Monday, June 17, 2013

Learn to Know When To Rest

Sometimes a person needs a swift kick up the behind to realise that they are burning the candle at both ends. 

I got mine this weekend when what I thought was an insignificant cough resulted in a near hospital visit, parental intervention (kinda mortifying when you're not a teenager anymore), a bag full of medication and a warning that if I didn't slow down a little, and eat a lot better, that I would end up in a little pile on the floor. Thankfully several days bed rest, some antibiotics and other meds, and good quality, home cooked food have done wonders for me and it looks like I'm on a slow, but progressive road to recovery. 

This weekend brought it home to me that sometimes a person really needs to put aside time in every week for a little rest and recovery. There are lots of ways you can show yourself that you care enough to make a little effort for yourself...

- A long hot shower, or bath, with your favourite products can do wonders for reviving the body. All those lovely smells and bubbles just washing away all the troubles of the week. Mid week I love all things citrusy to brighten up my days but at the weekend it's all coconut or almond to help me unwind and calm down.

- A date with yourself where you take a few hours to go sit in your favourite cafe or bar and sip a coffee, tea or glass of wine and enjoy your own company. Make it special by dressing up for no one but yourself. I like to treat myself with a trashy magazine while I sip my coffee, and pretend that I am an incognito celebrity with my huge sunglasses and oversized scarf. 

- Take an evening to go buy some beautiful fresh produce and cook yourself a beautiful meal. Set the table properly, put out a cloth napkin and some nice glass wear. Maybe a small flower in a bud vase. If you're feeling up to company invite your best friend around to share it. I like to keep it simple with either chicken or fish and a crisp green salad, just to make sure that there is still room for a little ice cream afterwards.

-  I feel naked without a fresh coat of polish on my toes so I get a tremendous amount of joy out of having a quiet night in to take off the old polish, soak my feet in something nice, put on lots of thick moisturiser, and re-paint my toes. Just remember to leave lots of drying time before sliding your beautiful feet under your duvet. 

- My absolute favourite way to taking some time off though is to seek out a puppy... a friends, a family members, I'm not picky really... and just roll about on the floor, the couch, the garden with it. There is no way that you can stay stressed with a small, excitable, lickable, lovable ball of fluff is trying to chew on your ears cause they love you that much.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nemesis of Nom

Do you have a food nemesis? 

Something you know that you really shouldn't eat... due to intolerances  or allergies, or just because it's not good for you? Something that you are almost scared to let into your kitchen because you know that you cannot control yourself around it? Something that no matter how many times you tell yourself that you are better that this you still find yourself standing at the counter in your pyjamas at midnight, eating it with a pang of guilt keeping it company in your stomach?

My undeniable weakness is white bread. Soft, doughy, fresh white bread... piled high with sweet, sticky jam or smeared with a little pesto and melted cheese, toasted with a slightly charred edge and smothered with butter or torn from the loaf and used to mop up a savoury gravy. It is one item I have no self control around. I will happily eat slice after slice of bread until the entire pan is gone and only crumbs remain on the breadboard. I will have it plainly buttered for starters, with a savoury topping for mains and persuade myself that spreading it with jam, or nutella can count as dessert. 

I know that it does me no good. I know that processed wheat and gluten are not good for the digestive system. I know that it is full of hidden sugars... and I also know that I don't care. It tastes wonderful, and it makes me happy to get to enjoy it as a treat every now and then. 

What about you? Is there anything out there that you are scared to let into your kitchen? Is there anything that calls out to you when you go grocery shopping?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Movie Hug

What are your Go-To Movies? 

The ones that you put on when you want the cinema equivalent of a hug from a friend? The ones that you know every character, every piece of music, every quip? The ones that may not be cool to watch but always hold a special place in your heart. 

My Top Ten Movie Hugs, in no particular order and for many varied reasons, are

- Zoolander -
- Edward Scissorhands -
- Leon -
- Beetlejuice -
- Chocolat -
- Pretty Woman -
- Some Like It Hot -
- 10 Things I Hate About You -
- Moulin Rouge -
- Fight Club -

Monday, March 25, 2013

Morning Memories

Have you ever woken from a dream and been very unsure whether you had just had a good dream or a bad one? 

Last night I dreamt. Of a man that was once in my life. Not someone I ever dated, or who ever chased me or was chased by me, but I knew him. Unfortunately circumstances changed, people drifted apart, messages were not returned and he is no longer in my life.

In this dream we shared moments of intimacy. Hands on face, cheek to cheek, skin on skin. Shared breath and tangled limbs. Moments of joy, sprinkled with pleasure. The room was warm, the light was golden, all cinematic filters and flattering angles. There might have been a soundtrack playing, full of sunshine and adult joy.

I woke alone, in a cold room, in the grey morning light. And, even thought I never had him, I now miss him.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

A lie in, in a freshly made bed, with a good book and a great coffee.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Want...

picnics on the sofa

I want to feel a man wrap his hands around my waist from behind me

I want to wake up to sunshine streaming in my window

barefoot walks in wet grass

and to be brought a coffee in bed when I wake up

I want to buy, and hang, art

a weekly standing date with someone I love to talk to

I really want to wake up with good morning hair

I want hot soup and fresh, crusty bread 

to have a dance party in my room every night

to feel satisfied that I can make a meal with what's in my fridge

I want wake up beside a warm body, and then snuggle before falling back to sleep

I want
I want

I want...

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Now I know that for a lot of people Valentines Day is a lusty, passionate, sex soaked occasion filled with champagne, rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries. I have never been able to see it in that light. To me Valentines Day is all about sweetness and cuteness and love. 

It's a day for watching young kids being adorable, old people being amazing, and letting all of the people in your life know that they are loved. A day filled with candy hearts, fuzzy red and pink things and lots and lots of giggles 

My most memorable gifts have always been hand made, my favourite date was an indoor picnic, and to me the best way to spend the day is curled up on a snuggly couch with my very best friends drinking sparkling rose, eating heart shaped sugar cookies and watching some of the finest rom com's that money can buy. 

How about you? What is your favourite way to spend Valentines? Are you a die hard romantic? Are you a set in stone skeptic? Are you actually going to go see Die Hard in the cinema tonight (if so you have/are the coolest girlfriend ever)?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Listen To The Beauty

Lately I've been revisiting songs that evoke strong memories for me...

Every time I hear the opening notes of Gary Jules cover of Mad World I get chills down my spine and I am instantly transported back not to the moment I first heard it, but to the moment I first listened to it. In my car, coming home from college, on a particularly bright day and a very twisty section of the road. I actually put up the window, turned up the radio and paid attention.

Listen to it here for a little bit of nostalgia.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I Love Today

Glitter Tip - I love simple nails. My fingers are almost always nude or a pale pink - I save the brights for my toes. Lately though I have been craving a little more when I look down at my hands on the keyboard. A little hint of sparkle seems to be bringing a smile to my lips. Have you tried this out yet? Does it work well with coloured glitter? I've only tried it with gold so far. 

Shoot - I moved house last week. This one has nicer housemates, a bigger room, a clean kitchen and a landlord who doesn't mind me setting up a training target in the house. Anyone who has followed Magatha May for a while will know that archery is my sport, and will probably know that I have been unlucky with injuries for the past few years. Right now I'm working on a training program that is slowly building up strength and stability but this really needs more than the once a week training that I can get from my local club and an understanding landlord is a god send. The fact that I have a downstairs room and no one can hear me shoot late at night is a bonus.  

This Image - All I want to do is print it out and frame it.

Honourable Mentions - salted caramel mochas, days bright enough to wear sunglasses again, Greek yogurt with lemon, sudden snow showers, my first TRX class - and I loved it, remembering a great hug, warm blankets and skype chats, new houses which are closer to work means 15 minutes more sleep every morning, rediscovering Adele's 21 album, THIS song from Passenger, reading and reading and reading for hours on a Sunday afternoon, fresh haircuts, the smell of warm, clean laundry, some dried mango with my mid afternoon coffee, looking forward to a few days in London with Raymy next week

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Word Love

There are some words that just tickle my fancy. And right now this one keeps popping into my head...

...voracious... gluttony but without the sin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I Love Today

Fresh Sheets - There are few things to rival the feel of crisp, clean, cotton sheets on your bed but I can guarantee that for anyone living outside of the tropics the feel of cozy, new, flannel sheets will top it. Winter has finally kicked in here in Ireland and there are even rumors of snow afoot so last night I broke out a brand new set of cream flannel sheets for my bed. I am already known for being a bit of a princess about my sleep place... already a combination of feather duvets, numerous pillows, random throws and several cushions... but add in a set of cozy sheets and I become a creature of hibernation.     

Salad Fruit - Still feeling bad about the excess of the holiday season has me reaching for something green and fresh most evenings but it gets boring after a while. This week I've been livening up my rabbit food with either some warm steamed chicken or a poached egg, and hiding underneath are a few slices of crunchy apple or sweet pear to keep it interesting. Try it. It tastes so good... fresh... sweet... bright. 

Slow and Steady - Tortoiseshell is a classic. Like the white shirt, black pencil skirt and Breton stripes it will endure season after season remaining chic and understated. Right now I'm absolutely craving a stack of tortoiseshell bangles on my wrist and have just got my hands on a pair of beautiful tortoiseshell heeled pumps.  

Honourable Mentions - dark chocolate Lindt truffles, pairing mustard and grey together, sparkling manicures, being constantly surprised and delighted by friends and family, tarte au citron, dark tights, short skirts and high boots, jelly beans, smooth legs, almond shower cream, 'no alarm clock' Saturday mornings, devouring an entire series of books day by day, clean carpets and washed floors, strawberry yogurt rice cakes, puppy love 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Style Goals

Sal was talking about Style Goals this morning and it got me thinking... I don't really do New Years resolutions so how about I take on three Style Goals instead. 

1- Wear my jewelry 
2- Mix up lengths
3- 'Do' my hair

I have a wonderful collection of jewelry that has been gifted to me since my teenage years. My family and friends have superb taste and know exactly what I like, but I rarely wear any of it. I always seem to be saving it for special occasions and am a little afraid of breaking or losing anything. This year I want to be able to look down at my hands on the keyboard and smile at the memory that floods my mind when I see a certain ring, or hear a jangle of bracelets at my wrist. I want to feel the weight of a pendant at my sternum and remember the person who knew that I would love it. I will wear my memories.

I am a creature of habit. Just ask anyone who spends a little time with me. I like routine and familiarity, patterns and predictability. My pants are all rolled up to ankle length, my sleeves are pushed up to my elbows. I wear v necks and vest tops. I like my shoes to have peep toes. My skirts are mid thigh or just below the knee and almost always fitted. Routine can be great, but it is also safe, and sometimes boring. This year I need to be willing to shake things up, roll a pair of pants to just below the knee, try out a midi skirt, wear a turtle neck. 

My hair... where to start. A long time bane of my childhood, full of kinks and curls, snarls and knots. A hatred of hair ties combined with a daily attack with a hairbrush resulted in a ball of permanent fuzz and an unhappy child. Cue my teenage years and a drastic hair cut which left me pixie perfect, and in and out of the shower in minutes. No more brushing, no more pain, just a scrunch of wax and out the door. The only problem with having easy hair as a teenage though is that when you grow it back as an adult you have no idea what to do with it. I never spent endless sleepovers plaiting my hair and playing with straighteners so I have evolved to a simple wardrobe of styles... hair down as mother nature intends for weekends, hair in a bun for work, hair in a ponytail for the gym. There is very little deviation from this. And it feels boring. So incredibly boring. I long for crown braids, side buns, and deep partings. I struggle with Pocahontas plaits so this one might be my biggest challenge. Wish me luck.

How about you? Have you set any style goals this year? 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Your Reaction?

When someone does something highly irritating to you how do you respond? Not the sort of change your life moments of wrongness, just the sort of getting ripped off for a haircut… shop assistant being rude and offensive… someone spilling paint on your handbag sort of moments.

Are you an instant rager? Or a quiet simmerer? Or a devious plotter?

I've always been quick to get angry but it's a funny kind of anger. Funny as in odd, not as in 'ha ha' of course. My eyebrows will instantly begin to creep together and my lips will purse - kinda like Miranda Priestly sucking a lemon. I start muttering to myself about how crap and how wrong the situation is. If it's really bad I'll pick up the phone and ring my mum....

...and vent. 

Oh holy god will I vent... 

I quietly rant and rave down the phone recapping the incident in its entirety, muttering plenty of 'I can't believe it's and 'Do they realise what they've done's. Now all questions asked while ranting are completely rhetorical and never need a response... EVER... if you try to answer them I will probably accuse you of being on their side and will stop speaking to you for an hour.

...and not in a good way.

After years of trying to be helpful my mum is now wise to this fact.  

If confrontation is necessary I will continue to fume away until I run out of steam… then and only then will I face the creator of my GRRRRrrrr r r r...

And I am usually incredibly polite to them… to the point of being almost British and apologising for having to tell them that they have done something crap. I have now reached a point in my life where I realise that this is a very inefficient way of telling people that they have provided a crap product or service or that they have been offensive in their behaviour.

Have you got a better way of dealing with these sorts of moments? Cause I really need some help here…