Monday, June 17, 2013

Learn to Know When To Rest

Sometimes a person needs a swift kick up the behind to realise that they are burning the candle at both ends. 

I got mine this weekend when what I thought was an insignificant cough resulted in a near hospital visit, parental intervention (kinda mortifying when you're not a teenager anymore), a bag full of medication and a warning that if I didn't slow down a little, and eat a lot better, that I would end up in a little pile on the floor. Thankfully several days bed rest, some antibiotics and other meds, and good quality, home cooked food have done wonders for me and it looks like I'm on a slow, but progressive road to recovery. 

This weekend brought it home to me that sometimes a person really needs to put aside time in every week for a little rest and recovery. There are lots of ways you can show yourself that you care enough to make a little effort for yourself...

- A long hot shower, or bath, with your favourite products can do wonders for reviving the body. All those lovely smells and bubbles just washing away all the troubles of the week. Mid week I love all things citrusy to brighten up my days but at the weekend it's all coconut or almond to help me unwind and calm down.

- A date with yourself where you take a few hours to go sit in your favourite cafe or bar and sip a coffee, tea or glass of wine and enjoy your own company. Make it special by dressing up for no one but yourself. I like to treat myself with a trashy magazine while I sip my coffee, and pretend that I am an incognito celebrity with my huge sunglasses and oversized scarf. 

- Take an evening to go buy some beautiful fresh produce and cook yourself a beautiful meal. Set the table properly, put out a cloth napkin and some nice glass wear. Maybe a small flower in a bud vase. If you're feeling up to company invite your best friend around to share it. I like to keep it simple with either chicken or fish and a crisp green salad, just to make sure that there is still room for a little ice cream afterwards.

-  I feel naked without a fresh coat of polish on my toes so I get a tremendous amount of joy out of having a quiet night in to take off the old polish, soak my feet in something nice, put on lots of thick moisturiser, and re-paint my toes. Just remember to leave lots of drying time before sliding your beautiful feet under your duvet. 

- My absolute favourite way to taking some time off though is to seek out a puppy... a friends, a family members, I'm not picky really... and just roll about on the floor, the couch, the garden with it. There is no way that you can stay stressed with a small, excitable, lickable, lovable ball of fluff is trying to chew on your ears cause they love you that much.


  1. Oh no, glad to hear you're on the mend!

    Totally agree about taking time out, otherwise your brain will melt!
    I always feel like worn out if I don't take some time to myself, even just sitting in my room after a nice bath in fresh pjs, reading a book it's just the quiet time really, shutting off from social media in general helps so much to bring balance back to my life.

    1. fresh pj's are awesome, as is a freshly made bed. There is noting like snuggling up in clean to bring a smile to my face