Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nemesis of Nom

Do you have a food nemesis? 

Something you know that you really shouldn't eat... due to intolerances  or allergies, or just because it's not good for you? Something that you are almost scared to let into your kitchen because you know that you cannot control yourself around it? Something that no matter how many times you tell yourself that you are better that this you still find yourself standing at the counter in your pyjamas at midnight, eating it with a pang of guilt keeping it company in your stomach?

My undeniable weakness is white bread. Soft, doughy, fresh white bread... piled high with sweet, sticky jam or smeared with a little pesto and melted cheese, toasted with a slightly charred edge and smothered with butter or torn from the loaf and used to mop up a savoury gravy. It is one item I have no self control around. I will happily eat slice after slice of bread until the entire pan is gone and only crumbs remain on the breadboard. I will have it plainly buttered for starters, with a savoury topping for mains and persuade myself that spreading it with jam, or nutella can count as dessert. 

I know that it does me no good. I know that processed wheat and gluten are not good for the digestive system. I know that it is full of hidden sugars... and I also know that I don't care. It tastes wonderful, and it makes me happy to get to enjoy it as a treat every now and then. 

What about you? Is there anything out there that you are scared to let into your kitchen? Is there anything that calls out to you when you go grocery shopping?


  1. Dear God anything carb filled with butter and cheese!!! White bread like you or white pasta (with butter and cheese)....lasagna with garlic bread....big doughy kebabs....nom Nom NOM!!!!

    1. oh melted cheese... be still my fat clogged heart. My other downfall is fresh strawberries. Every year I pine for strawberry season, I absolutely adore fresh strawberries... and every year the tops of my feet break out in a rash from them. Every Year. Without Fail. And I still buy them.