Friday, October 28, 2011

Pretty Girl Friday

Emily Browning first hit my radar in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. This year saw her on our screens for both Sleeping Beauty and Sucker Punch. Very pretty, and very versatile.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make Or Break It

What are your deal makers, or indeed your deal breakers, when it comes to a relationship? What are the things that instantly let you know that you could never date this guy? And is there anything that a guy does that makes you attracted to him regardless of the rest of his perceived flaws?

For me the deal breakers are the easy ones to define...

if he has bad teeth or poor breath
if he is unkind to animals
if he disrespects his immediate family
if he suffers from an addiction
if he is stingy with money

These traits in a guy would make me wary about dating him in the long term. Some are a little selfish but I do not apologise for having them on my list. Unkindness to a helpless animal, to me, shows a possibility of being a poor father. I have enough trouble keeping my own life straight and I really don't have the mental or emotional ability to rehabilitate a recovering addict. A persons teeth always let me know how well they take care of themselves. I'm not dissing crooked teeth - my own aren't the straightest - but they have to clean and taken care of. I don't need a guy to spend a ton of money on me, and I definitely don't look to date rich guys but a man who insists on going 'dutch' for every date and imposes a budget on Christmas presents just screams 'tightwad' to me.

The deal maker is a much harder one to pin point. I ran through a number of different deal makers in my head but each of them were only applicable in some instances. 

For me... I have to be the most important thing in my man's life. I have to be a princess in his eyes. Importance is something that isn't immediately apparent when you start dating a guy. It's something that is realised over a period of time through words and gestures. He also has to have an amazing smile and smell great. A great natural smell is really important to me.

How this can be turned into a single deal maker.... beyond my knowledge. 

What are your deal breakers and makers? What turns off a guy instantly? And what wins your heart? 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Halloween - I am a Halloween fiend, or at least I used to be. In college we never, ever decorated the house for Christmas - ever! But we always decorated for Halloween - always! Our mid week party was a 'no costume, no entry' affair where mid-night costume changes were not unheard of. This year sees us with no house to decorate and all of the Glensiders scattered to the four winds. Halloween will never be the same.

Glitter nails - My toe's look like a Wizard of Oz extra. I love, love, love it - a little bit of sparkle in my otherwise boring day. It's amazing how a little bit of sparkle - in your makeup, your outfit or accessories can just lift your mood. I even ordered a lemon cupcake at Sweetie Pies last weekend that had glitter all over it. What's your favourite way to add a little sparkle to your day?

Chinese takeout - This Friday night will be spent in the company of great friends and wonderful food. We don't do takeaway at home, we never have. No Indian, Chinese, pizza, nothing - just wholesome home cooked meals. So I'm going to sneak over to S&C's for a little dim sum and noodles to celebrate both S and I getting through our vivas. My favourite takeout will always be Chinese or Thai. I just wish that we could get it in those gorgeous takeout cartons. What's your favourite? 

Honourable Mentions - long, dark nights in front of an open fire, Grey's Anatomy back on TV, mini marshmallows, lemon meringue pie milkshakes, poached eggs for breakfast, hash browns, hunting for a new perfume - I'm looking for something warm smelling but not too sweet, getting my winter stuff out of storage,warm blankets, sparkling lemonade

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I See You Baby

I spotted this one over at 1000 Awesome Things this morning. It sums me up perfectly right now. 
I spent a fantastic night last Saturday with some friends, sitting in an apartment remembering the dance tunes that shaped our late teens. With YouTube hooked up to a surround sound system and all sorts of bad 90's and 00's music pumping out it was amazing to just close my eyes and forget for a little while. 

Today I ask you to take ten minutes, put on your headphones and crank out some tunes of your teens. You can thank me later.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Treats - Specifically Rice Krispie treats. Sticky, sugary, teeth ruining treats that remind me not to take myself too seriously.

Clean Smells - Every time I walk past the laundry on campus I get a whoosh of hot, clean smelling air. Reminds me of somewhere very safe.

Basic Black - This autumn and winter will see me returning to the wonderful basic black jumper. Cropped, embellished, oversized, loose knit.... they will all be mine this season.

Honourable Mentions - being asked to compete in a 'bake off' in a few weeks, crisp Gala apples, my new gorgeous headphones, driving with the windows down, red glitter toe nails - makes me feel very 'Wizard of Oz'-like, winning giveaways, using purple staples, weather warm enough to have salad for lunch

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today is a good day. I won some stuff. I like winning.

Over at Ellie Loves... I've just won a Neutrogena Grapefruit pack and ages ago, back in the time of thesis, I won a gorgeous wooden initial from Kate's Irrelevant.
All I need is a coffee and a hug and my day will be complete.

What do you need for a winning day?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Harder Than I Thought It Would Be

Get your head out of the gutter... this is not that kind of post. 

It's been a while since I blogged regularly, more than a few weeks but less than a few months. This thesis has really drained all of my energy and I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to blog again. Even while I was away from Magatha May I still kept an eye on all of my favourite blogs with google reader and some of the bloggers who kept inspiring me over the past few weeks were - 


You should check them out when you get a chance... if you're not already an avid follower.