Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Hug From The Inside

As August becomes cooler, and all the Pumpkin Spice Latte posts start clogging up my Facebook feed I start thinking of breakfasts that are more than simply fruit and yogurt. 

I have become an adult lover of porridge. As a kid I just saw it as plain and boring and sometimes lumpy... and why would you ever eat that when you could have a big bowl of sugary cereal instead? But as an adult I adore it's ability to give your body a hug from the inside out. I love how comforting it is, how much it nourishes my body and heats me up. 

My favourite way is always unsweetened porridge made with half milk/half water, some chopped banana, some natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey. My mum has given me a glut of hazelnuts this week so I'm thinking of trying a baked hazelnut porridge. I also love the classic combination of apple and cinnamon too, but I've recently spotted a lemon and poppy seed porridge recipe that I'd love to try out. Or maybe just a spoonful of stewed rhubarb and a sprinkle of brown sugar on top. Mmmm m m m...

How about you? Do you like porridge? How do you dress yours up? 

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