Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I Love Today

Glitter Tip - I love simple nails. My fingers are almost always nude or a pale pink - I save the brights for my toes. Lately though I have been craving a little more when I look down at my hands on the keyboard. A little hint of sparkle seems to be bringing a smile to my lips. Have you tried this out yet? Does it work well with coloured glitter? I've only tried it with gold so far. 

Shoot - I moved house last week. This one has nicer housemates, a bigger room, a clean kitchen and a landlord who doesn't mind me setting up a training target in the house. Anyone who has followed Magatha May for a while will know that archery is my sport, and will probably know that I have been unlucky with injuries for the past few years. Right now I'm working on a training program that is slowly building up strength and stability but this really needs more than the once a week training that I can get from my local club and an understanding landlord is a god send. The fact that I have a downstairs room and no one can hear me shoot late at night is a bonus.  

This Image - All I want to do is print it out and frame it.

Honourable Mentions - salted caramel mochas, days bright enough to wear sunglasses again, Greek yogurt with lemon, sudden snow showers, my first TRX class - and I loved it, remembering a great hug, warm blankets and skype chats, new houses which are closer to work means 15 minutes more sleep every morning, rediscovering Adele's 21 album, THIS song from Passenger, reading and reading and reading for hours on a Sunday afternoon, fresh haircuts, the smell of warm, clean laundry, some dried mango with my mid afternoon coffee, looking forward to a few days in London with Raymy next week

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