Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have You Ever...?

...started loving a part of you that you that you didn't love before?

Lets talk legs. I was never the kind of girl to wear shorts, or skirts, or dresses, or anything that might let you even get a look at my legs. I was that kind of person for many, many years. I loved my jeans, my combats, my chinos. I also loved my cleavage, in fact I loved it so much that it was the only part of me that I would ever highlight... EVER

It's not that I didn't like my legs, I just felt that I wasn't the kind of person who would show off her legs. No wait, that's a lie. I hated my legs. They were pale and I was paranoid that I had huge calves from years of playing sports at school. So I never dressed to emphasize them. I hid them away and cursed hot and sunny days and I compensated by wearing my jeans with pretty flip flops and vest tops.
Until one day something just clicked with me. Why did I hide my legs? What was really wrong with them? Were they that ugly? And when I stopped and thought about it I realised that there was nothing wrong with my legs, just my head. I had spent so many years secretly hating one part of my body so much that I couldn't bare to show it. I had grown to loathe something that was literally a part of me. And I realised that this was one of the most ridiculous obsessions of my life.   

So now you can find me sauntering around campus in any number of thigh skimming dresses and skirts. Maybe next summer I will brave shorts. But the only advice I can give you to get over a body hang up is to actually sit down with yourself (not literally, you'll just feel weird) and find out why you dislike your legs, bum, arms... And embrace that body part for a week or two. Show it off, learn to love it, listen to peoples compliments, they usually mean them.

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