Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day?

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Alas no! We don't get a snow day here in Limerick. As I was coming home from training last night it was so bitterly cold that I thought that there was no other option but for the world to be a fluffy, frozen winter land when I would wake in the morning. But no! There was the smallest sprinkling of of white stuff on the cars but nothing on the ground when I looked out the window.

As I was getting dressed I heard a 'woo hoo' from the direction of Sonya's room. She had spotted that the snow had started falling again and this time it was big flakes - just perfect for lodging... if the ground was dry.

So we headed off for another day in college only to find that our snow had turned to rain by the time we found a parking space and that most of the snow was washed away by the time we got in to the office. What a downer!

Do we only wish for snow because it is a novelty? If we had guaranteed snow every winter would we love it less... or maybe more? What is it with Irish people looking for lots and lots of snow!

Tell me, are you a snow bunny? Or do you yearn for the long, bright days of summer to return?


  1. Ex-snow bunny here! It's amazing how sick you get of snow after you've seen it continuously for months on end. It's great for snowball fights and all that, but many of the Polish students at my university were amused at the excitement the Irish contingent had during the first snow.

  2. Hi Dawn, I'm so glad you dropped in on the blog. Your new hair cut looks fab...

    I do wonder at how non-Irish people look at us when snow does finally arrive?

  3. I was so excited in work last night looking out at all the fluffy snow, but I've gotten used to the disapointing fact that snow...real snow... does not seem to exist in Limerick