Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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I'm back. There was a little trouble with the servers in the college and I was internet less for the last few days but all is restored and repaired now. Woo hoo.

Oh, I got my gift from Pop ( and Fredrick, now do you feel better?) over the weekend. It was Banana Nectar.... a bottle of banana nectar! What am I supposed to do with banana nectar? I've heard that it's an 'acquired' taste at best, and horrible at worst. Bloody banana nectar! But, oh God, did I laugh when I saw it.

The rest of the weekend was great. I competed in the Irish Student Championships on Saturday in Carlow and finished in 13th place in the advanced category. I was pretty chuffed with myself, but I was so proud of the rest of the team - they brought home 4 medals from the event.
  • Michael took 1st place in beginner barebow
  • Craig took 3rd place in beginner barebow
  • Anna took 3rd place in beginner recurve
  • Rory took 2nd place in advanced recurve
I then spent the rest of the weekend lazing around T's 'home' home in Carlow, listening to his sister play the piano and chatting to his dad about the state of the economy. It was entertaining.


  1. God I think I just threw up a little in my mouth... Banana NECTAR?!

  2. Yup banana nectar! it looks vile and I won't even open it to smell it because I know that it will go off and smell worse.... so it is not sitting proudly on my desk back at home.

  3. Yuck! Unfortunately I have tasted banana juice before and it wasn't pretty.

  4. Hey, that pressie was from more then pop.

    I demand and edit!

  5. All fixed Mr Fredrick... and with my apologies