Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I love Thursday...

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Valentines - I know that Valentines day is still ages away, and that it's really only a commercial holiday, and that it was invented by the card companies but I still love it. In fact... I heart Valentines. Trying to find a really meaningful gift that I know T will really appreciate gives me such a thrill. He knows what he's getting this year.... I had to make sure that he was free on a certain evening and he knew that he had to be in limerick for it so he figured out who was playing in Dolans Warehouse that night. And he was right!

Long hair -I used to have really really short hair for years and years, and I mean really, almost shaved off, short. When I moved to Limerick I decided to grow it. That was about 4 and a half years ago but it still astounds me, on an almost daily basis, just how long it has gotten. Before you start thinking that I have hair that I can sit on I don't, but to have any form of long hair is such a major achievement for me.

Mocha's - At the moment I'm on a 'healthy eating regime' (diet is just a scary word) so there are no more desserts or things with butter or things with sugar or things of nom. But I miss mocha's the most. I always loved mocha's... hence needing to 'eat healthily' now. I find them to be really comforting... with just a little kickstart. Almost better than dessert! I miss my wonderful chocolaty coffee. Does anyone know of a low calorie version?

Friends - One of the guys in the office... let's just call him J... has just offered to take my books back to the library for me. What a sweetie! Now I don't have to go out in the cold and trudge all the way down to the campus book depository. Yea!

Does anything tickle your fancy today?

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