Friday, January 23, 2009

Tea v's Tae

I was having a little look around the internet today, looking for some new mugs for the kitchen and I came across the Pantone tea set, which I think are really great looking since they show tea in all its varying strengths - from 'able to see the bottom of the cup' to the traditional 'builders brew'.

The whole tea cup thing got me thinking of the huge tea vs tae debate that raged in my house last year when we tried to define the differences between tea and tae.

We did agree on some issues -

  • the stronger the brew the more tae-like it became
  • the higher the quantity of sugar the more tae-like
  • the higher the quantity of milk the more tae-like
  • the colder the beverage the more tae-like
  • the larger the cup the more tae-like
  • if the tea bag is left in it is definitely tae
At one stage I had persuaded a friend to see if we could graph all of this information on a tri-axial graph. We got as far as the putting it on a paper graph but alas nothing ever came of the project. I did however find a really entertaining book while researching the whole tea thing, it was called 'A nice cup of tea and a sit down'

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