Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Love Today

Little And Large:
Myself and D went into town for a little look yesterday morning and D pointed out a beautiful tunic that she thought I might like, so I tried it on - as did D. When we both emerged from the dressing room we realised that what was a tunic on me was a dress on her. Never did I feel so tall in my bare feet as when I stood beside D's 5'2'' frame and realised that 5'5'' isn't really very short at all. So we both bought the tunic/dress and I just have to remember that if you can't bend over in it then it is a top!


Driving Home: I know that most people hate being stuck in Friday evening traffic, bumper to bumper, but I actually love it. I crank up the stereo, usually have a coffee beside me and I sing along to whatever cd I have on at the top of my voice, sometimes I might even have a little boogie. I feel free when I'm all alone in the car - safe in my own little metal bubble. I'm driving back home tonight to say hi to my parents this weekend, should be fun.


Swings and Things: I think the time has come to sneek into the local playground at night and just play for a little while, swings, slides, the jungle gym and monkey bars, maybe even a spin on the roundabout. Have you ever snuck into somewhere after dark and played?

Honorable Mentions: Chocolate covered brazil nuts, skull print scarves, G chats with people I actually want to talk to, walks with my dog

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  1. ~Sniff Sniff~

    Ya never G chat me ;_;