Monday, September 26, 2011


I miss my bed.

A girls bedroom should be her sanctuary, her place to go and hide away from all that is bad in the world and forget her troubles as she shuts the door behind her. 

Right now my bedroom is not this place. It is where I go to snatch too little sleep, and toss and turn. I am so looking forward to submitting this thesis and getting to call my room 'home' again. These rooms all look so cozy and comforting, perfect for a little down time.

Has anything ever happened to stop your room being your haven? I'd love to know how you got it back.


  1. The dreaded Leaving Cert...ugh it was horrible! all covered in post it's, heaps of books and noted everywhere. It was nothing but full of stress and sleepless nights. So when it was over I cleared every scrap of evidence into boxes and put candles and photos and my jewelry and make up all over mu previous 'study' desk :)

  2. @Laura - That's a great idea. My desk is actually a gorgeous console table. It really wouldn't take much to turn it into a really nice makeup table.

  3. I have to agree...a girl's bedroom truly is her sanctuary. I love retreating to mine at any time. :)