Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things I Love Today

Freckles - Are just natures sprinkles. And everything is better with some sprinkles... right? There's nothing like a smattering of freckles to make everything feel a little more summery.  

Pretty Kitties - My mum and dad seem to have acquired a family of cats recently. First a mammy cat, shortly followed by her four kittens. Panic ensued at home... we're not a cat household at all and even though strays are always welcome we weren't too sure how this would all go down with our resident mutt. Well the kitties are now well settled and happy yard cats and Scruffy is a self important house dog... so far so good. We were getting each kittie fixed as soon as we could catch them but unfortunately our momma cat got hit on by a tom before we could get her to the vet and sported a rather large belly. To our delight and relief she finally brought her kittens back to us a few weeks ago and now hours can go by watching the two little balls of fur giving it socks around the yard in the mornings. Yea for strays. 

Just Standing There - Those last two minutes in the shower... you know the ones I'm talking about. When you are all squeaky clean, hair rinsed, legs shaved and you just stand there in the steam. Hot water just washing away the last of the crap that was part of your day. Bliss.

Honourable Mentions - licorice sprogs, elephant print anything, the first spoonful of cereal out of a fresh box, sheer vests, winning raffles and supporting charities, chocolate and hazlenut gelato, lazy Sunday walks by the riverside, clean floors and bare feet, summer showers, finally finishing the last of the tooth paste and getting to throw away the squished up tube 


  1. I hated my freckles when I was a teenager, but now that I'm older(eek 30!) I think they make me look younger so i don't mind them so much

    1. really? I love love love mine. Although I really resented them as a child cause my brother always told me that my freckles were just dirt on my face.