Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things I Love Today

Photography Love - An amazing photographer from Cork, Harriet Jones, recently set up an Etsy shop where she sells her images as Polaroid magnets. Now I've been a fan of her photos for a long time (I know her boyfriend from when I was in college, and he is tagged in the most amazing shots). I have always loved watching someone turn their passion into potential so I urge you to go have a look-see at her work at SomeThingsDontFade. I've already bought the top two images so hands off. 

Lip Love - Autumn arrived here in Ireland with a cold and dreary bang a few weeks ago. This, combined with a new office based job, has left my poor lips parched. So what's a girl to do? Why fill each of her handbags with a new lip balm in the hopes of discovering the holy grail of all balms. My favourites at the moment are Blistex MoistureMelt for hydration, H&M's Blood Orange lip balm for smell and Carmex Cherry for all round greatness. Do you have an amazing balm that you recommend? Let me know.

Honourable Mentions - Gala Darling and her general fabulous-ness, solo picnics in bed, ultra moisturised legs thanks to a bottle of baby oil after a shower, strolling about a new city and peering in all the shop windows on a Sunday afternoon, Corona and lime... and dancing with cute boys on a school night, oversized sunglasses and huge circle scarves to make autumn feel a little more chic, dressing like a Parisian cliche - all skinny black pants, striped long sleeved tops and a nonchalant attitude, red velvet cupcakes as a sneaky treat, sharing stacks of books with friends so that we can talk about them afterwards.

Oh guys and gals... how I've missed you all.

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