Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweet Home Whatever


Oh I want to be the girl in the photo above. An open road, shoes off, toenails painted and nowhere to go and all day to get there. Limerick is not half as much fun right now. Legs are put away in tights and boots, toenails are getting chipped and neglected. Car windows are covered with condensation.

How come we always long for what we don't have?

All summer long I couldn't wait for winter - curling up in front of the fire, woolly hats, hot chocolate and Christmas shopping, and now that it's here it's really not all that I had thought it would be. Right now I want sunshine, kite flying, picnics, the works! And when we get to summer we still won't have it and I will still be looking for more.

And the cycle continues.


  1. I know what you mean!!
    I really have to get away on a Summer trip next year, I think that's whats been driving me insane. It feels like we'll never have Summer again in Ireland.

  2. Thats because you only ever remember the good parts. During the summer you remember the best parts of winter and vice versa.

    There is only one answer, keep looking forward and only ever remember the good things cuz the bad things arn't worth talking about ^_^

  3. This winter is sooo long. Can't wait for summer!
    I'm going to be the girl on the photo really soon :)