Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time To Put Childish Things Away

Am I incredibly childish to be looking forward to the release of New Moon on the 20th? Twilight really didn't do it for me as a movie at all but I'm hoping that the second instalment in the series will be a step up in the movie stakes.

I also know how young all those boys in the movie are but they are mighty fine specimens indeed.

Are you looking forward to the movie? What did you think of Twilight? Are you a fan of the series?


  1. I haven't seen the movies, or read the book, but everyone keeps telling me to lol

  2. Yey somebody else is out and proud too! I just mentioned my secret love of this series on my blog. I just listened to the series on audiobook, and I REALLY liked it, in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I know I should be reading something a little more high brow, but I thought they were great.

    I just watched the first movie at the weekend, and even though it's not great I really enjoyed it too. It made me feel like I was 16 again. And it did help that Edward is really quite beautiful...is that wrong...I'm 27??

  3. Oh and yes I'm really looking forward to the new film, I just convinced my friend today that she has to go to the cinema with me, she agreed on the basis of the lovely Edward eye candy she saw in the trailer.

  4. I completely agree with you. I have read all the books and also saw Twilight. The movie was not near as good as the book. However I still have hope with the second movie. I have tickets to watch it at midnight. As for being childish... I'm 21 my sisters 26 and she's the one who got me to read the books and watch the movies.