Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a Sling Thing


I am so sorry to have been away from you all for so long. You might remember that I signed up for a Body Pump class last week, well the class went great but I ended up straining the ligaments in my right elbow. No right elbow = not being able to do much at all. It's really difficult to do anything without your elbow - I never realised how much I rely on it for everything. Driving, typing, cooking, getting dressed...

And another thing - getting dressed with a bad arm is not fun at all. I realised on the first day that I need to make sure to wear a belt - pulling up your pants one handed is not the easiest of tasks! Jumpers are way too much work to try to put on. Long earrings get caught on the fabric on the sling. So I resigned myself to cardi's and vest tops for the last week, and of course a large scarf draped around my neck to best hide the sling. Without Sonya around to brush and tie up my hair for me I would have been lost, and thank you so much to Raymay and J in the house for bringing me many cups of tea and yelling at me whenever I took off my sling.

Have you ever found it difficult to get dressed around an injury? I'd love to hear your story?


  1. I found it quite difficult to get dressed when my wrist was banjaxed after the surgery two years ago. But You know all about that magatha, you were the one washing my hair because I couldn't, look how your laughing has come back to haunt you...... Karma eh ;)

  2. what do you mean - I'm still laughing. :)

  3. Spinal injury- I couldn't wear a bra because of the pressure on my T7 and my inability to contort my arms without severe pain. That is all...

  4. I have surgery on my lower back before. Spent the first few days after surgery face down on the bed, I didn't so much get dressed as had my pants covering my legs and my pj shirt thingy loosely covering my torso. TBH I don't even remember how I got them on :P

    Insistently when you need to get bandages changed daily and they are stuck to the nerve endings it is not pleasant >.<