Monday, August 30, 2010

ID Curve - Jeanius

I was browsing through The Mail online this morning and spotted this article claiming that Levi's are to eradicate muffin tops for ever! Hooray.

Hands up if you're sick of jeans that give you a flat arse, that gape at the back cause you had to buy a size up on the waist to get jeans to fit your bum and thighs, that give you the old favouite - muffin top?

I'm actually waving my hands around at this stage and getting funny looks in the office.

Levi's got up of their proverbial bum and went out and talked to tens of thousands of women about what they are looking for in a pair of denims. They scanned a lot of posteriors and came up with jeans with different 'curves' - bold, demi and slight - depending on how much junk you got in your trunk.


With a price tag of £85 to £90 (€105 - €115 at a guess) keep your eyes peeled for this style to come to our shores. While not the cheapest of denims, New Looks jeans are as low as €12, you can rarely put a price on good fit and quality.

Check out the Levi's page for more details on ID Curve.

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  1. Wow I'd be tempted to pay that amount of money if they actually fit properly!