Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Candlelight - Everything instantly looks better in candlelight. The first thing I did when I got back to my house in Limerick tonight was light a few candles in my room and pretend that I couldn't see the mess that I had forgotten to clean up before I headed home for a few days.

The 'Doing Something Nice' Feeling - I've been at home home (where I was brought up, not where I live) for the past few days helping my mum out with some work around the house that she couldn't get to. I was heading away to Limerick this evening and I gave her a hug before I left, I was shocked to see tears in her eyes as I hugged her. I don't know if they were because I was heading away or because I helped out but as I went out the door I got the feeling that I had done something nice for her, and I was glad.

Eric Northman -
Just because Alexander Skarsgard is beautiful.

Honourable Mention - having a full set of long nails (I am tempting karma by even mentioning this, I'm sure a nail will now go 'bye bye' tomorrow), getting a couple of ultra-bargains at the end of the summer sales (€1 vests I love you), ice cold limeade, kisses on the tip of my nose from Scruffy

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