Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Obligatory Blogger Bag Post

So does this make Irish weather beautiful and special? We get sun and rain together. A brolly and shades have been my must have's in my handbag for the last week.

So here's the rest of the contents of my day to day handbag -

- Bag from River Island
- Huge purse to hold lots and lots of stuff, gift from my mum
- A bag of useful*
- My Filofax
- Large bunch of keys
- mp3 player, gift from Fredrick and Doogle
- Dictaphone
- Silver ring from Pennys
- Arm warmers from Pennys
- Red Bull shot
- Sunglasses from Pennys
- My brolly is missing from the shot cause it's drying on the floor (it rained this morning)
- My phone is also missing cause I used it to take the photo (sorry about the lighting). It's a Sony Ericsson W995.

I often wonder if you can really tell anything about someone from the contents of their bag. I always love looking at other blogger's posts about their bags and try to see if their stuff gives me an idea as to the kind of person they are.

Go on - have a go. What does my bag say about me?

* A bag of useful is a wonderful thing to have. It stops all the random stuff causing a mess in the bottom of your bag. It comes to the rescue for many an occasion. It has all sorts of things like plasters, nail files, pain killers, hair ties and clips, cleaning cloths for my glasses, a small mirror, a small scissors, tweezers, nail polish, mascara, concealer, lip gloss, sports tape and padding, safety pins, you get the idea...


  1. I know - I think I might just have to steal you idea for printing on the dividers. They looked amazing!

  2. Red Bull. You know you'll need caffeine at some port and you're efficient about having it on hand.