Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Long Hot Showers - So when S moved out a few weeks ago (I know! I'm still not over it) I moved up in the world and into her master bedroom with en suite. An en suite with an electric shower - score. No more waiting for the immersion to heat (I don't know if non-Irish people even use an immersion but if you do you know my pain), no more being careful not to stay in the shower too long and using up all the hot water, no more waking up half an hour before you want a shower in the morning. I am the queen of squeeky clean, the diva of my own bathroom, I can sing as many songs in that shower as I want with no fear of being left with a head full of conditioner and no hot water to wash it out.

Thumping Bass - One of the things about the hoards of students being back in college this month is the fact that the DJ society has taken up permanence residence in the Courtyard and all throughout lunch you have 'choons' thumping around college. How can you feel miserable with a little bass in your step? You can't.

Thinking about Winter - Thick tights, hot water bottles, fires in the sitting room, big scarves, mittens, being snowed in, cold nights in a warm pub. You all might be talking about how great Autumn is, but here, in Ireland, it lasts about 3 weeks before Winter kicks in. Dressing for Autumn is a tricky business here, layers that you put on and take off all day long. Sunglasses and an umbrella, coat with a vest top underneath... sheesh. Give me Winter any day.

Honourary Mentions - boys who make biscuit cake, writing with orange and purple pens, hot Ribena, pretty green dresses, 'to do' lists in my pretty new Filofax, this dress, these boots

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  1. I had lots of things to say about the other stuff until I saw that dress and now I'm really distracted, I want I want I want!!