Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

Hmmmm... what to wish for today... I think I'm going to wish for a superpower today, but which one to wish for? 

Super strength? 

X ray vision?

The ability to fly? 

Mind control?

Regenerative powers?

The ability to see into the future?

Think I'm going to have to be a little practical with my superpower wish here and recognise that the cost of petrol is not getting any less. The ability to fly is my number one wish today.

To be able to pop across the country to see some friends seems pretty special to me.

How about you? If the sky was the limit what super power would you wish for?


  1. Check out the Greg Mandel trilogy (

    One of the characters can see into the future and the author takes an interesting view of the ability and its limitations.

    Quite a good series too, bit childish at times but a good read.

  2. @Fredrick - thanks for the recommendation. will look him up