Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Makes You Happy?

Today, over on A Cup Of Jo, Joanna asked her readers to list three things that make them happy. Simple, every day things that bring them heaps of joy. You can read hers HERE.

Mine right now would have to be...
  1. Shades on, windows down and stereo turned up
  2. Things that smell of citrus
  3. Listening to the rain with the windows wide open

What are your three things today? What brings you simple joy?


  1. I love...

    * Facetiming with the boy while he's OS
    * Buying lots of movies to watch on Apple TV (on his credit card!)
    * Painting my nails without him complaining about the smell.


  2. @Smaggle - loving that you're finding the pluses from you're man being away. Good on ya