Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss Mash


I know that my blog has been very disjointed recently.

Posts don't really flow from one to the next, the images don't follow a theme, one of my friends mentioned that he gets 'grrr' when he reads it sometimes and for this I'm truly sorry.

My poor muddled head is a little all over the place but I hope to be back on form soon. My mish-mash postings are a result of wanting to post something that has entertained me or got me thinking during the day and I'm not always entertained by the same type of things on a daily basis.


  1. There's no need to apologise! It's YOUR blog and you should post things that you like or find interesting. I'm exactly the same (probably far worse, in fact). And I have to say I don't get grrrr while reading your blog at all!

  2. can disjointed not be a theme in itself?

  3. Hey!

    I never said grrr!

    grrrrr >.<

  4. Lies and defamation of my character. I call shenanigans!

    Besides I don't say grrr, thats your phrase. I tend to use bad language instead :P