Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Newest Addition

We have now had Scruffy for 5 weeks and no one has come looking for or claimed him, so we get to keep him as part of our family.

Isn't he the cutest dog in the world?

He does loads of really cute, photo worthy things, but he usually moves too fast for me to capture them... like holding his leash in his teeth when he wants a walk, going absolutely crazy every evening at about 7.30 and racing around and around the back garden, stealing slippers and trying to bury them.

My mum and dad really, really love him. I haven't seen them this besotted in ages.

Scruffy, welcome to the family.


  1. I'm so not surprised your folks are besotted, he's gorgeous! Is he a terrier of some sort?

  2. Hi angeltreats, we're not too sure what he is since he is a stray, but he looks like an Australian terrier. He is so cute, and so smart.