Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fill Me With Your Wisdom

Good day to you all.

I had to duck into town this morning and find myself a double air mattress.

Because... Friday is PICNIC DAY! Roll on Eleccie Piccie! I can't wait, I've never camped before, I've never even been in a tent, I've never been to a festival before. I know - it's so sad that I'm 26 and have never been to a festival. I have no idea how to put up a tent, and Mr T won't be arriving until Friday evening so I am forced to bribe some friends to do it for me. I will claim naive girliness and get the big strong menfolk to do all the work. It will be a step backwards for feminism but a giant leap forward for 'Magatha-campinism'.

I have the baby wipes bought, a pair of pretty wellies and a rain jacket. I will remember to bring enough money and spare camera batteries. I promise to bring back lots of photos and hopefully no swine flu.

Please please please fill me with your festival wisdom before I go.

And if anyone else is going let me know and we'll meet up for a beer and a photo op!


  1. Have fun!!! I've been camping before and I enjoy it but it's not for everybody... My tip: Make sure your air pump works properly and fits the nozzle in the air mattress!!!... that comes from personal experience.

  2. Well jealious is not the word of how i feel right now!
    YA you seam to have all the basics but no matter how you over prepare you will forget something you can only learn from your mistakes.
    Enjoy have a great time and i want to see the great pics

    also 'Magatha-campinism'. i love it via la revoltionion

  3. Thanks for the tip Marlene, I'll check my mattress tonight.

    Prof I'll do my best to get tons of photos.

  4. I'm so jealous!! I just didn't have the money this year to go.
    I'm the queen of camping, I've camped in storms on the side of a cliff, and I've been to tonnes of festivals...but I am also a bit of a girlie so I feel your pain.
    1.If you see the 'comfy crappers' at the picnic buy some tickets, you will thank me, the loos may look ok, but they get pretty horrible. They are nice eco friendly toilets that always have loo paper.
    2. You will end up using the hideous ones , so I got the multi pack of tissue packets, and always made sure I had a pack on me.
    3. Bring a small torch, even a pencil one, it's pretty dark in the campsite, and some of the loos are pitch black, and that can be a bit gross and scary.
    4. I usually have a bum bag instead of a back pack, safer for your cash, easier to get to, and leqaves your hands free for beer, and waving them about in the air screaming YEY!!!
    5. Most important....leave as early as possible on Friday, we were delayed last year and didn't leave til 1pm, and were stuck in traffic all day, we didn't get into the gig til 9pm, and missed Goldfrapp!!!Agh!!
    6>Sorry most most important....have great time...hope this helps

  5. I got my torch, multipack of tissues, a shoulder bag and I'm being picked upat 11.30am. CAN'T WAIT!