Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wonder of Friends

I got a present, I got a present, I got a present...

A parcel was delivered to my desk yesterday and I opened it to find a new Yoo Move MP3
player inside. I think I should give you the background to this story...

A short while ago my ipod started acting up and not working. Now I use my pod for everything - music, movies, data, everything. I thought about buying a new pod but I didn't want a shuffle, a nano or a touch. I just wanted a classic pod, about 60g in size, for not too much money. It didn't happen. At the same time my camera was being kinda funny too and I really wanted to get a small, slimline camera that would fit into my purse without much difficulty. But my college stipend doesn't really stretch to new cameras or MP3 players so I said that I would wait and that Santa might be nice to me this year...

Until I saw her...

A thing of beauty, the Sony Ericsson W995. And I wanted it so bad. An 8.1mp camera, a great MP3 player, a 2.6" screen to watch everything on. But I wasn't due an upgrade, and it costs a bomb to buy simfree. So I have to wait until my upgrade is due in December to try to get it. So I was musicless, and movieless, and everything-less.

Until yesterday...

Fredrick and Doogle bought me the present. They thought that I should have music in my life and I love them for that. I tried to put up a photo but my everything is being stroppy so a photo of a nice parcel and an image of the player will have to do for now.
So today I am YEA for great friends! Thanks guys, I love you both so much.


  1. What awesome friend, and and awesome player/camera!!

  2. Yes friends are great arnt they they can surprize you when you dont expect it.They can also understand and forgive you for bare faced lies you told for good reasons. I love my friend actually HUGS FOR EVERYONE!

  3. That's amazing...three cheers for fantastic friends!!

  4. You deserved it after every thing you did last weekend :) thanks Magatha

    Doogle :D

  5. I did nothing. I just showed up, ate all your food and bounced all over your castle.