Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Mr T Special


Things I love about you Mr T

  • That you knew last night that tea and a hot water bottle would fix most of my ailments
  • That you never complain when I ask you to make me yet another cup of tea
  • That you treated me to a new cardi last weekend just because I didn't want to stand in the long queue for the till
  • The fight you pretended to put up when I asked if I could tidy your man brow
  • The unending joy you get out of pressing the tip of my nose and wait for me to 'honk'
I love you Mr T


  1. O my gosh what a legend of a boy friend your so lucky. That made me smile on a huge level ps i am so stealing that idea for christine next time i see her. YONK AND SAFTEY!

  2. Tidy up his man brow?

    Muhahahahahaha I'm never going to leave that one die :D

  3. Lovely idea!
    could not help laughing at the man-brow line, ha.

  4. he really hates when i call it a unibrow so I have resolved to calling it a man brow! tee hee hee