Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sale Sale Sale

Ohhhh I got the most beautiful dress today. Very Mad Men indeed. A photo will follow I promise.

My haul from the sales went as follows:

1 very beautiful, timeless, emerald green Phase Eight dress (reduced from 131 to 65 euro)
1 gorgeous black fine knit Coast top (reduced from 85 to 25 euro)
2 fabulous pairs of suede and patent high heeled shoes, so fabulous I bought them on both black and purple (only 19 euro each)
1 fine knit black slouchy cardigan - the one that can be tied in many different ways (14 euro)
1 pair of sparkly grey flats (reduced from 24 to 9 euro)
many pairs of tights and undies
some pretty hair accessories too

How is your sale shopping going? Did you get anything amazing?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your comment! The only thing I bought in the sales was yarn, masses of it! I meant to buy a warm winter coat, but ended up buying a not quite so warm coat that wasn't in the sale (but so pretty!)