Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Family -
Today I have a new love for my family and how much support they are willing to give me when times get tough. Thank you.

Wish Lists - Spending time writing completely fictional Christmas wish lists with a cozy seat and a coffee.

Impromptu Cake - Getting a brownie with a tea light on top while a bunch of friends sang Happy Birthday in the college cafe yesterday. Mortification was never so cute, sweet and loved.

Hot Showers - It's been very chilly for the last few mornings - very 'toe out from under the covers to see how cold it is' kind of weather, but jumping straight into a lovely hot shower is such a nice way to wake up.

Handmade Cards - Please check out Ruth's selection of beautiful cards on her etsy store. I picked up some when she did the Christmas Market in UL and they are almost too beautiful to send to anyone.

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