Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gossip Guys


Aren't the boys of Gossip Girl awfully pretty looking? Now I'm all for the metrosexual male, I highlight the benefits of moisturing to all my guy friends, I comment on the cut of their jeans and the fit of their shirt but enough is enough...

Women, well this woman at least, want a REAL man. A man who looks like he could whip his top off and change the oil in a car, a man who looks like he could mow the lawn, a man who could climb a tree to get your kitty back for you.

Real men have stubble sometimes, and mussed up hair and calluses on their hands from doing manly things - GRRRR!

BUT... before all you guys out there stop shaving and showering there is a limit on how manly I like my men. Fingernails must be clean and short, unibrows must be controlled, bodies should not be smelling of a whole can of lynx. It is a fine line that you must tread - tread carefully.

What are the dealbreakers when it comes to men? How metro is too metro?


  1. i love gg! Great shows and boys ;)

  2. I'm much more into the manly-man type. I like beards and hairy chests and I even sort of like rough hands. I don't want a guy who totally neglects himself, but I think there's an appropriate amount of effort. I figure he should shower, mess with his hair a little, put on sunscreen, tidy up his beard, get dressed and leave the house. I don't want to see someone dragging out a manicure kit, borrowing my eye cream, or spending twenty minutes on his hair. I want a guy who's hot but who isn't "pretty"!

  3. Really sticky hair gel is defenitely the deal breaker for me!