Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Changeable Weather - I know most people hate the rain and wind and sleet and snow and sun style weather we've been having lately but I think that there is nothing as lovely as curling up in bed listening to the rain hammer against the windows, pulling back the curtains to watch huge flakes of snow falling out of the sky, and waking up in the morning to find everything washed away and ready for another day. It's so very refreshing.

Mini Adventures - I have a dream - where one day we will head to IKEA with thermos flasks full of hot tasty beverages. We will buy some cheap IKEA mugs and return to the showroom, where we will sit in one of the show living rooms and offer tea and coffee, maybe even hot chocolate, to everyone who comes into our 'house'.

McSteamy - No reasons needed.

Honourable Mentions - this water - it is so tasty, I particularly love the lemons, limes and spring water flavour, bagels - I have fallen back in love with a bagel and cream cheese breakfast, new haircuts, easter eggs and lots of chocolate this weekend - guilt free, filling my new 1TB drive with tons and tons of TV shows


  1. IKEA you say?

    Count me in :D

  2. I adore changeable weather, as well; unfortunately, in Southern California you rarely have changeable weather. It's hot and sunny 97% of the time!! :)