Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Writing - I write so rarely that today it was an incredible novelty to write up a quick article covering all the amazing events of the past two weeks for our archery club. Nine days, four competitions, 19 medals, 12 Personal Best scores, another National Champion for UL Archery, and a fundraiser. I feel very proud to be part of such a great bunch of people.

Feeling Better - Having been plagued with sinus and chest infections since Christmas I am finally on the mend. I have taken 2 weeks off and am getting enough sleep, good food, no stress, antibiotics and plenty of vitamins. I hope to be back to full Magatha Mode by next week and will start taking on the world again.

Treating Yourself - This week, just to make myself smile, I bought a small bunch of orange roses for my bedroom. I really didn't think that something so small and insignificant could make me feel so good. Every time I walked into my room I caught sight of them, all cheerful and pretty, when I walked up the stairs I could get the smell. I don't know if I would buy flowers every week - but treating myself might just become a more regular occurrence.

Honourable Mentions - soup (there really is nothing better when you're feeling unwell), the buzz that comes with Students' Union Elections on campus - all week long we've had flyers, guys in very bright t shirts, buskers, a sky dive on campus and even a candy floss machine, sleeping in with no alarm set, finding new ways to tie my scarf - courtesy of Dawn

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  1. Gorgeous images!
    I'm glad you're feeling better. My Mama is battling a nasty sinus infection at the moment. No fun at all :(