Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Morning Routine


What's your morning routine?

Do you like to crank up the stereo and dance around your room while you get dressed, or do you like to sit and enjoy a quiet cup of tea before heading out into the world, or do you throw on whatever clothes you can find and rush out the door at the last minute?

Most mornings I hit the snooze button at least once before getting up and dragging myself into the shower. By the time I have my hair washed I have figured out what kind of humour I'm in, and by the time I'm drying off I usually have figured out the majority of my outfit for the day.

Back into my rather messy and stuffy room and I open the curtains and window to let in a little fresh air (one of the downfalls of having a room that faces the sun in the morning* ) and start hunting in my overflowing wardrobe for whatever items I need to get dressed. Once dressed I blow dry my hair if I'm leaving it down, if I'm pinning it up I leave it damp (I'm lazy about my hair most days), put on a little make-up, sometimes foundation, sometimes eye shadow, sometimes blush, always mascara and lip balm, rummage in the wardrobe for a bag to match my outfit and transfer the contents of yesterdays bag into it. I rarely leave the house without some form of jewelry on.

I head downstairs to see who else is awake in the house and to see if anyone wants to car pool into college (it's easier to get parking if you car pool). I usually forget about having breakfast at home but sometimes remember to throw a cereal bar or yogurt or apple into my bag, I fill up a travel mug with coffee and I'm out the door doing a mental checklist of purse - keys - phone.

Isn't it amazing how habits form? What morning habits are ingrained in you?

* my housemate just reminded me that my room doesn't face the sun in the morning... doh


  1. call me pedantic here, but your room gets the sun in the evenings not the morning. I'm the one getting blitzed by happy mr sun at 5am. which isn't too bad cos I get up after 6.

    I was thinking we should either 1) cancel the morning heating completely somebody has a shower most mornings so there would be hot water from the imersion or
    2) make it either shorter or crank the temperature right down.

  2. I can tell you this0 my routine is nothing like that photo

  3. thats the way we find magatha every morning in the kitchen. :D just joking magatha

  4. you're right S, I really am so dozy today! I say cancel the heating in the house for the summer months.

    Apologies for being stupid :)

  5. My routine has dramatically changed since my boyfriend came along. My whole life I was the person who sleeps 20 minutes past her alarm, then rushes to get ready to leave and never really made it on time. I always skipped breakfast and usually didn't even have coffee until I was settled in at work/school. But my guy likes to get up and watch the news for a while, make coffee, eat breakfast, and ease into the day. So I have started doing that too. I'm still the grumpy oversleeper though, so he makes my tea and has it ready for me when I come downstairs (usually about 20 minutes after him because I still love the snooze button!)

  6. Lol my routine is having my alarm go off every five mins for a half hour, then have a quick wash (hair is clean from the night hair is dry so it lasts three or four days between washes), put on make-up and brush teeth, dress and leg it out the door....takes about 20mins in total! :D