Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I Love Gingers

Can you close your eyes and image something for me? Please?

Imagine finding a brownie that thinks that it is a truffle. A brownie that is so dense and fudgy that you have to lick your fingers after just touching it. Can you imagine that? Can you smell the overpowering scent of dark chocolate and butter and sugar? A brownie that you would carry wrapped carefully in your hand because you know that to put it into your bag would destroy it's delicate state of being.

Well today I found that brownie.

We are lucky enough here in UL to have a farmers market on campus every Tuesday. All sorts of stands fill the courtyard with fruit and veg, preservatives, chocolate goods, baked goods, cheeses, organic meats, sushi and other delights. And today I approached the gingergirl stand. I had spotted a jar of rhubarb jam, and my dad absolutely adores rhubarb jam, and seeing that this Sunday is Fathers Day I thought that I would get him a jar. As I was standing at the stall and listening to the owner,Helen, banter with some customers about the variety of Northern Irish accents between them I spied a cake stand ladened with brownies and I heard a little voice in my head. 'Ah go on Maggie, you deserve a treat today. You can be good tomorrow' and of course I believed that voice.

All I can say is 'wow', what a brownie. It takes a brownie like that to make me understand why REAL brownies are served in small portions. Of course I thought on the way back to the office that I would just have a little nibble now and save some for later on. Not a chance. That brownie tasted of more! I had the best of intentions of photographing it for the post, sitting in it's shroud of greaseproof paper, all sticky and chocolaty and made of nom but alas, in the words of my 4 year old self, 'I eated it'.

Gingergirl - I will see you next week.


  1. Try working at the same market as Helen!!! I wanted to eat all of the, all day!

  2. Don't forget, I'll not be at UL for the next 2 weeks - off to France for moi!