Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

All Things Nautical - Todays outfit is a pair of navy shorts with gold buttons worn with denim and white striped wedges. All I need now is a navy and white striped cardi and I'm all set to go. What is it about sunshine and wanting to dress like a sailor?

Iced Coffee - And sunny days obviously call out for a refreshing cold drink! Now I'm not talking about one of those over sugared, over priced cream concoctions that you can buy from a coffee outlet, I'm talking about a simple latte served over ice. Heaven.

Fredrick Back in Limerick - It's going to be short lived as he is heading back to the Big Shmoke soon but it really is great to have him around again. :) Just don't tell him I said that.

Honourable Mentions - funfairs, nude nail polish, Oreo McFlurrys, floral scarves, going to the beach, cream eggs for 20c in Superquinn, Mr. Power not visiting me (anti TiLT)

*Update - On reading this TiLT Mr. Power decided to prove me wrong and is currently on his way to Limerick, from Cork, for some tea.

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