Monday, October 11, 2010

“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot


Do you ever waste a whole journey waiting to get to the end? I have... several times and it's amazing how much you miss.

This holds true for all sorts of things in your life. Have you ever rushed through dinner just to get to the dessert? Sprinted through a book to get to the twist at the end? Ignored the joy of getting ready for a night out just to get to the event?

This week please do something for me and for yourself. Spend a little time enjoying the journey... the smells and sounds of making your breakfast before you eat it... the walk to work or college... the smell of clean clothes as you put them away and think about the next time you get to wear them.



  1. I will try and enjoy the journey of my damn phd. You better get me dessert and a night out for afterwards though

  2. Dinner, dessert and a night out will be had my dear - you deserve it :)

  3. love this picture!!! I will put it on my wallpaper!:D

  4. Please. Story of my life. I'm always waiting for busy months to end and forgetting to enjoy the ride.

  5. I LOVE THIS! so so true & important to remember :)

  6. Most of the people is looking forward the way to be happy.. but some of them don't realise that the happiness is in the path.. i always try to be positive with my migrant life but some times i miss a lot my country. Sometimes also i dont like the idea when im going to work in the restaurant next time, before i spend most of the time thinking "one day left.. 3 hrs left, etc", finally I go to the work and i thought that it wasn't really bad :) Im going to enjoy my free time !!!