Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow' - Charlotte Brontë


A few months ago I told you all about how I learned to sleep alone again when a five year relationship ended. It was strange and liberating to have a whole bed to myself again and I loved it. But then S moved out and I moved into her room - cause I really wanted the electric shower - and I found myself back on one side of the bed again.

How did that happen? I don't have another significant other, I'm not looking to make space for one in my life right now, so how the hell did I end up drifting back out to the edge of the mattress. I woke up one morning last week after another night of edge hugging and asked myself what was going on? And then I realised.... when I had made up my new bed I had automatically put the pillows into two piles at the head of the bed, and therefore I had automatically slept on one pile of them... on one side of the bed.

That evening I stripped the bed and as I remade it I carefully put just one huge pile of pillows at the top... and it worked. I was back in the middle of my bed.

Have you ever found that you do things out of habit that impact of the rest of your day?


  1. If I'm not paying attention I've a habit of walking a regular route even if I'm not going that way. I was heading down to visit my nan and ended up in college because I forgot to take a turn off :P

    One thing that I find strange is I always sleep closest to the door, unless that half of the bed is covered in cr*p ;)

    Which half did you sleep on?

  2. In this room it was always the side furthest from the door, the same with the other room but at home I always sleep nearest the door. Strange isn't it...

  3. Hello!! i found very interesting your blogs, i hope you dont mind that i am reading them... Im mexican 27, living in Melbourne.. Im graphic designer and i will look for a job soon here..

    I enjoy heaps when i have all the bed for me.. thats means when my husband doesn't sleep with me :) but also, i love be in love with him! what a Paradox!