Monday, January 31, 2011

Picture It

Some days I really hate that I have to wear glasses. Wearing jewellery is a minefield, I have given up on eye makeup completely and hats are a no go when my glasses are on my face... so I thought I'd put together some photos for inspiration.

How do you navigate your glasses? Do you like wearing them? Do you wear non prescription glasses?


  1. I love wearing glasses. I tried contacts, and I felt so weird without my specs. Between my short hair and glasses, I don't really need to worry about makeup or accessories, apart from a necklace.

    Also, blog awards this year?

  2. I like the sound of that alright. When are they on again?

  3. I don't wear glassses but if chosen correctly they always look so lovely and chic. Great inspirational picks, just looking at them makes me want a pair!
    Thanks for the sweet comment.


  4. :( I've got a two day competition in Galway the weekend of the Awards. Looks like you'll have to go without me.