Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Online Jackpot - I can hardly believe that I love everything that arrived in last weeks ASOS order. And everything fits. And I am ok with the quality of all the pieces. I am actually shocked... and delighted, cause I hate having to queue at the post office and really didn't want to return anything. I picked up this, this, this and this. First online clothes shopping experience can now be called a success.

Shopping In My Wardrobe - Have you ever found something lurking in your wardrobe with the labels still attached? I have quite a few of those items... embellished scarves, a sequined waistcoat, more than one pair of shoes, a printed maxi dress, a matt sequined skirt, the list goes on and on. So since I have decided to stop buying more clothes than I need after the ASOSgate incident last week (my credit card is still mad at me) it's now time to begin the mix and remix of my wardrobe. I don't know if I'll ever post outfit posts here but I'm starting to give in to the idea. What makes outfit posts great in your eyes? 

Hepburn Style - How can anyone not love the crisp white shirts, cropped black pants, classic trench, stripes, perfect LDB style of Audrey Hepburn? Simple, chic, elegant, always. Hepburn inspired countless knockoffs and imitation but will always be at the forefront of simple fashion. I am completely in love with all of the cropped trousers sashaying down the s/s 2011 catwalk. I may have picked up two pairs of cropped skinny black jeans before my self imposed shopping ban. Funny Face... here I come. 

Honourable Mentions - giveaway goodies arriving in the post, re-watching season one of True Blood and season five of Greys Anatomy, giant mugs with witty sayings, dried mango, realising that I haven't taken the elevator once this month, smokey eyes with nude lips, red lips with just a slick of mascara, big hair and bigger shoes, extended deadlines, new batteries in the remote, getting that perfect song when you press shuffle, Tonka bean bars from Thorntons,  

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